8 Reminders for Flying Internationally

This is all common sense, but sometimes, we just need a reminder.  It also helps to stick to your packing list to make sure you pack as light as possible!

  1. Keep your receipts for checked luggage with you just in case your luggage does not arrive with you.
  2. If you are expecting frequent flyer mileage credit for your flights, keep all your boarding passes for 6 weeks after your trip.  Confirm credit in your mileage account before throwing out the boarding passes.
  3. If your luggage is damaged on a flight (one of my wheels was torn off!), report the damage immediately upon arrival if you want the airlines to reimburse you.
  4. Travel to Peru

    Airplane in Peru

    Some flights and airports will have stairs, so be prepared to carry your carry-on luggage.

  5. Even if you cannot print your boarding pass, try to check-in online.  If there is a problem with your ticket, try to reconfirm immediately to avoid problems at the airport.
  6. Travel insurance will really, really help if flights are cancelled or delayed, or if your luggage is lost or delayed.
  7. Double-check your seat assignments to see if you can get better seats and make sure you are sitting near your travel companions (online and at the airport check-in counter).
  8. Typically, laptops will need to go through security separately, but rules regarding shoes, liquids, and cameras vary by airport location.
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