Hacienda Concepción vs. Reserva Amazónica

The two Inkaterra Amazon Lodges are Hacienda Concepción and Reserva Amazónica, located about 4.5 miles apart from each other.  Both are great options for touring the Amazon Rainforest in Peru.  Here we compare the two options — excursions offered by each property, accommodations and meals, some unique offerings made only by Reserva Amazónica, and, of course, rates at each property.

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Canopy Walkway takes you into the rainforest canopy

Canopy Walkway takes you into the Amazon rainforest canopy

The Hacienda Concepción offers 14 different quarter- and half-day excursions in a fixed rotation.  Depending on the package you choose for your stay at Hacienda Concepcion (packages start with 3days/2nights and can go up to and beyond 5days/4nights) you will do the excursions planned for each day of the package.

The Reserva Amazónica offers you a suggested itinerary consisting of a combination of quarter-, half-, and full-day excursions that you choose and organize with your guide. A couple are special and have an extra cost.

NOTE: All excursions are in a small group (6-8 people) with a guide

Accommodations & Meals

Dugout canoe in the Peru Amazon

Dugout canoe in the Peru Amazon

Regarding accommodations and meals, the two Inkaterra properties are different in style from each other.  The Hacienda Concepción is more casual, and the Reserva Amazónica has a more upscale atmosphere.

Hacienda Concepción also offers six standard rooms in the main lodge as well as 19 stand-alone cabanas.  So, for instance, the Hacienda Concepción might be a good choice for a group or family who would like to stay in the main lodge together.

The Reserva Amazónica offers cabanas separated from each other.  These cabanas might appeal to couples seeking more privacy from their fellow travelers.  As for size of accommodations, the cabanas in Reserva Amazónica are bigger and more nicely appointed than the cabanas in Hacienda Concepción.  And all rooms and cabanas are available either with one king bed or two twin beds.

As for food and drink, Reserva Amazónica offers meals à la carte, whereas Hacienda Concepción has a fixed menu. Moreover, your drink and wine options in Reserva Amazónica are better than at Hacienda Concepción.

Special Amenities at Reserva Amazónica

Reserva Amazonica Tree House

Reserva Amazonica Tree House

Reserva Amazónica also offers some special treats that Hacienda Concepción does not have.  Reserva Amazónica has a spa, ENA Spa, that uses local indigenous ingredients in its signature treatments.  Reserva Amazónica guests can also experience the marvels of the jungle while spending a night in the Canopy Tree House, which is set 90 feet above the ground.  This experience is restricted to two clients, double occupancy, at any one time, who will enjoy full room and board, guide service, and a personal butler.  This unique experience does require an additional fee.


Hiking in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest

Hiking in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest

Regarding rates, price is almost always a consideration.  Maybe you like to live in the lap of luxury while exploring the amazing nature found in the Amazon.  Then the Reserva Amazónica could be the right place for you.  Maybe you enjoy your creature comforts, but think if you save a little on this trip, there will be more money for the next trip!  If so, then you may want to stay at Hacienda Concepción.  At both Hacienda Concepción and Reserva Amazónica, rates are all-inclusive, covering your room and board and excursions.

Hacienda Concepción:

  • Standard rooms in the main lodge (6)
  • Cabanas (19)

Reserva Amazónica:

  • Superior Cabanas (24)
  • Superior River View (Rio) Cabanas (8)
  • Amazónica Suite (1)
  • Tambopata Suites (2)


      • For a third person in a cabaña (triple occupancy), the price is the same as the per person rate in double occupancy
      • Children rates (for children under 12) are 50%, but must be accompanied by one or two adults.  Limit 2 children per cabin.
      • Rates include: round trip transportation to/from airport, assistance at the airport, accommodations, full board, programmed excursions in Spanish and English, basic equipment for each excursion, entrance fees to Lake Sandoval, Inkaterra Canopy Walkway and Butterfly House, bottled water, and a 10% service charge
      • Rates do NOT include: flights to/from Puerto Maldonado, tips for guide and lodge staff, private guide services, alcoholic beverages, personal expenses

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