Highlights of Santiago

Here are some of the most popular sites in Santiago:

  1. Bellavista + Patio Bellavista
  2. San Cristobal Hill
  3. Plaza de Armas + Mercado Central + Santa Lucia Market
  4. Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago
  5. Lastarria
  6. Santa Lucia Hill
  7. Wine Tasting

See Also:

Bellavista + Patio Bellavista

Fun neighborhood with many restaurants and shops near the Castillo Rojo hotel.

San Cristobal Hill

Take a tram or hike up to the top of this hill near Bellavista.

Plaza de Armas + Mercado Central + Santa Lucia Market

Santiago is a very walkable city with many interesting sights!

Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago

Beautiful cathedral right on the Plaza de Armas.


Fun area with great hotels, restaurants, and shops.

Santa Lucia Hill

A quick hike in the Lastarria neighborhood.

Wine Tasting

There are many wineries in the Santiago area making a great day trip.

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