Okavango Delta Sleep Out Deck

Fall asleep gazing at the glittering night sky and gently wake up to the stunning African sunrise and glorious sound of birdsong. Comfort has also been kept in mind, and the deck is fitted with a private toilet and mosquito nets. In keeping with the beautiful design of Camp Okavango in Botswana, the Sleep-Out Deck is elevated to take advantage of the breath-taking panoramic views and keep guests protected from the roaming wildlife. Facing eastwards, you can take in the spectacular Botswana sunrise, as Camp Okavango’s outstanding staff will provide fresh morning tea and coffee to take in the experience.

The Sleep-Out Deck is available to book from the 1ST OF APRIL TO THE 31ST OF OCTOBER and is a complimentary experience for couples and families staying three nights or longer.

The sleep-out is a unique wilderness experience set-away in a tranquil location away from the camp. Guests will, however, have the company of a qualified guide on call who will stay in a guide tent a short radio call away should they need any help.

After dinner, you will be escorted by your guide to the sleep out deck from the main camp which is about a 10-minute drive away, to enjoy a night under the stars. Guests will be asked which drinks they would like to enjoy while they are sleeping under the stars. There is coffee and tea for the morning. Guests then radio into the guide in the morning to and activity can start straight from the sleep out deck, or they can return to the lodge later in the morning for breakfast.

Enclosed en-suite toilet and running water is available right next to the bed. Guests may shower when returning to their main room in the camp.

Guests’ room is not vacated/checked out of and therefor available at any point should the guests feel uncomfortable.

We recommend skipping the scheduled early activity to enjoy a tranquil morning watching sunrise from the sleep-out deck with tea/coffee watching the morning birds and wildlife come to life. Guests can return to the camp for full breakfast as soon as they are ready.

A mosquito net is provided over the king-size bed.

Guides are stationed in a separate deck about 200mtrs away and in keep in communication with the guests by radio, should at any time the guests feel uncomfortable.

Helicopter scenic flights early in the morning from the sleep-out deck is possible.

FAMILIES: An extra bed can be arranged for the sleep-out deck and needs to be requested with the consultant at the time of booking.

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