AWR announces NEW Private Cuba Trips with fantastic food, culture and nature!

Cuban vegetable vendorJoin us for the revolution – Cuba is here! Book now for high season (November 2016 through March 2017).

cuba-havana-1Adventures Within Reach is excited to announce our newest destination: Cuba! Closed off to U.S. tourists for decades, Cuba has only recently opened up for general travel. What makes our tours especially unique is that they offer a private Cuba experience. Our trip includes an exclusive, professional private tour leader who personally accompanies you from Miami and back to Miami.  We handle your Miami-Havana round trip flights and your Cuba travel visa as an added convenience.

cuba-street-2Our trips feature comfortable mid-range accommodations, along with special touches like

  • Visiting the botanical gardens just outside of Cienfuegos
  • Guided waterfall hike in beautiful Topes de Collates National Park

You’ll also see truly classic highlights like

  • Havana’s colorful markets
  • Live Cuban music
  • Distinctive Cuban foods
  • Encounters with native artists
  • Visits to must-see colonial-heritage attractions and other historical sites

cuba-street-1We advise that travelers book their Cuba tour for next high season now (December 2016 through March 2017, with November and April being quality shoulder season months).  With the U.S. opening the gates, demand is off the charts yet availability and infrastructure is still lagging behind.  While you can travel other times of year, be prepared for Caribbean-strength heat and humidity. Note that the official hurricane season runs June 1 – November 30, with occurrences in the Caribbean region generally spiking between August and October. While a month like September can be a fine time to go, you’ll want to purchase comprehensive travel insurance in the event a hurricane threat pops up over your scheduled time of travel.

Here are the details on our inaugural trip to Cuba:

Who is Cuba NOT for?

Sometimes knowing what a place is not can be just as helpful as knowing what a place is! With that in mind, here is some advice for folks tinkering with the idea of taking the plunge to Cuba.

Cuba is not a good destination if you need a last minute trip, or if you require an exact itinerary with no flexibility. Cuba is tailor-made for open-minded, intrepid travelers who love to plan well in advance, yet are patient and eminently flexible travelers. While your Cuba trip with us is bound to be amazing, changes are almost an expectation rather than an anomaly. If that’s not for you, we would encourage you to look at our other destinations.

Cuba is a cultural travel hot spot, and not a beach or diving destination… at least not yet.  Cuba is all about its amazing people and the opportunity to “time travel” back to a land seemingly in better tune with the 1950’s than 2016!

Cuba is not yet a true adventure travel destination. We are among a relative handful of Cuba tour companies offering a guided hike in Topes de Collates National Park, yet other adventure options are few and far between.

For cutting-edge travelers looking for the next “big” thing, it would be hard to beat the promise and pure experience of Cuba – now is the time!

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