Kilimanjaro Training

Follow along on my 2-month training schedule for climbing Kilimanjaro!

Climb Kilimanjaro with AWR owner Robin Paschall

Wow, remind me to buy a new hat for this Kilimanjaro trip!

My goal for this training program will be to improve my aerobic capacity, increase muscle, and reduce weight (at least 10 pounds).  Exercising every day is unrealistic with my schedule, but my goal is to do some aerobic activity at least 4 times a week and maybe more as I get closer to the trip.  I won’t be following any specific diet other than just trying to eat vegetables and lean meat while keeping carbohydrates, sweets, and alcohol to a minimum (good luck with that!).

For a little background, I have summitted Kilimanjaro twice, and I make a rather feeble attempt at being runner.  However, I have become quite lazy and put on a few pounds over the past year, so I am still quite nervous about reaching the summit.

I do have the advantage of living in Boulder, Colorado, which is at 5,300 feet, and we have lots of mountains around to get some altitude training and to be able to work my up-and-down muscles.

However, I also have the disadvantage lack of time from working too many hours and managing a family.  At 45 years old, my back hurts and my knees hurt….  Oh dear, have I just talked myself out of this?  No, we are going to summit Kilimanjaro!!

Disclaimer:  This is not a professional training program.  No doctors or professional trainers or dieticians were consulted.  This is just my personal experience.

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