Lodging Overview on our Tanzania Group Safaris

Our 5-day Tanzania Group Safari and 7-day Tanzania Group Safari are among the very best value safaris that anyone could dream of. We wanted to help wildlife enthusiasts who may not want to splurge on a luxury safari, yet also don’t necessarily want to “rough it” with basic camping either. Our group safaris are the perfect tonic for travelers seeking the middle ground. Part of the solution that’s instrumental to their value are the carefully chosen, comfortable, excellent-value lodges we rely on for the safaris. We’d like to provide a helpful overview into more of what these properties are like.

Endoro Lodge (Lake Manyara / Tarangire)

DAY 1 of our group safari includes a 1-night stay at the very attractive Endoro Lodge. Endoro Lodge is one of Tanzania’s best deals. This comfortable property nestled in the rugged hills around Karatu features sunny, spacious, well-appointed individual chalets, each of which has its own private bath with a full tub and an outside shower, plus a private veranda and fireplace.

The lodge grounds are beautifully manicured amidst the lush Ngorongoro highlands forest. A swimming pool, a restaurant and lounge with views rounds out the property.

A place of simple elegance, travelers will find real tranquility here. A massage service is available here (in case you are joining the safari after Kilimanjaro or after a long flight). The property is approximately 30 miles from Lake Manyara/Tarangire.

Serengeti Halisi Camp (Serengeti)

DAYS 2 and 3 of our group safaris are at Halisi Serengeti Camp. Halisi Serengeti Camp’s humble origins lie in the idea of bringing the joy and beauty of luxury mobile tented camping – ala Hemingway’s day – from the expensive, exclusive camps to a broader market.

This camp is considered mobile since it moves with the migratory pattern of the wildlife around it. From December through March, you’ll find Halisi in the Ndutu region, where calving is happening, while from June through November, Halisi Serengeti is situated along the Seronera River in the Serengeti National Park in a more central stretch of this massive national park.

Set deep in the bush, the camp is composed of ten extra large, walk-in tents capable of single, double, triple or family occupancy, each furnished with traditional East African decor, and with king-size beds (or 2 twin beds) outfitted with a deluxe mattress for a good night’s rest. Each unit has an attached private en suite bathroom with bush shower, sink, stand, and a chemical toilet. All the tents also come with a private veranda to enjoy the sights and sounds of the African bush.

Power is provided via solar power and hot water is prepared by the staff at your request. In addition to exceptional wildlife viewing close at hand, private bush lunches can be arranged on request too. A lounge, dining and full bar tent plus a spacious fire pit with fires every night rounds out the camp experience.

Rhino Lodge (Ngorongoro Crater)

On the night on DAY 4, we overnight at Rhino Lodge. Rhino Lodge’s primary calling card is the old real estate axiom: “Location, location, location.” Strategically situated across from the Ngorongoro Crater near a main entrance point, Rhino serves as a convenient, cost-effective option to be close to the Crater without having to pay the premium of being right on the Crater rim. One of the advantages of not being on the rim itself is that the property grounds are expansive, providing a haven for grazing wildlife like waterbuck, zebra, and buffalo right on site.The lodge itself is a true budget lodge – nothing fancy about it – but the lack of pretension can feel refreshing.

There are 24 guest rooms, all with a veranda that overlooks the healthy high-montane forest found here. Every room has its own shower, toilet and hand basin. To ward off the chill at night (altitude), each room has a wood-burning stove, and hot water bottles can be filled at request (recommended).  In the bar/dining-room, there are two large fires where guests like to mingle and swap travel tales and wildlife reports. Outside is a broad lawn along with a spacious deck for relaxation and views.

7-day Safaris / Halisi Natron (Lake Natron)

On DAYS 5 & 6, of the 7-day group safari, we overnight at intimate, secluded Halisi Natron camp. Very similar in style and substance to Halisi Serengeti, Halisi Natron offers the most desirable accommodations around surreal and beautiful Lake Natron, a special place we visit on the 7-day group safaris.

Particularly noteworthy at Lake Natron – besides the scenery – are the excellent walking opportunities, the unique authentic Maasai interactions available, the archaeological site close at hand, and the super dense concentration of flamingos from August through early November.

The style of accommodation here is the same as at the Serengeti property (even down to having just 10 tents) with a similar dining tent and the wide-open fire pit blazing every night.  Sundowners are enjoyed at a nearby hill with thrilling views of not just the lake but also Ol Doinyo Lengai, Tanzania’s third highest peak, which looms like a mountain God over all of Natron’s creation.

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