Guided Inca Trail Trek with Backwoods Adventures May 2014

Joe Koehly making new friends in Peru!

Backwoods Adventures is offering a guided group trip to Peru including the 5 Day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu for May 10-20, 2014.  This will be Joe’s fourth trip with AWR!

Extensions to Lake Titicaca and the Galapagos are available, as well as other side trips.

Contact us to join Joe Koehly and a small group for an amazing adventure!

Itinerary in Brief

  • MAY 6:  Arrival Lima
  • MAY 7-10: Lake Titicaca and the floating isles excursion (optional)
  • MAY 10:  Arrival Lima (for those not going to Lake Titicaca)
  • MAY 11:  Cusco and the city tour
  • MAY 12:  Free day
  • MAY 13:  Sacred Valley tour
  • MAY 14-18:  5-day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu trek
  • MAY 19:  Lima
  • MAY 20:  Depart Lima for home or Ecuador
  • MAY 21:  Ecuador extension (optional)
  • MAY 22-26:  5-day Galapagos Cruise
  • MAY 27:  Depart Quito for home

Q&A with Joe Koehly

1. What is so magical about the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu?

  • The magic of the Inca Trail to me is the beauty of the Andes, all of the ruins in addition to Machu Picchu, and the great camaraderie with the local guides and porters.

2. Do you have a favorite spot inside Machu Picchu ruins?

  • My favorite part in Machu Picchu is the agricultural steps above the ruins, just as you enter from the Sun Gate.  The view is superb and it is your first up close look of the entire ruin.

3. Should everyone climb Huayna Picchu, if possible?

  • Yes, it is a super fun climb and gives you a commanding view of the valley in each direction as well as the ruins below.  Not for the faint of heart;-)

 4. What training do you recommend for people before they hike the Inca Trail?

  • I would recommend starting with a solid cardio routine, whether that be biking or running or swimming.  Then as you got into 60 days prior or so start to add stairs of a stair master every couple days as a substitute to your cardio activity continuing to increase frequency.  Lastly, be sure to take a few days prior to the trip and go on longer hikes.  5-7 hours wearing your gear for the trip.  It gets your body used to long hiking days and helps you work out any equipment kinks before you even hit the airport.

5. What would you recommend for people to acclimatize to the altitude of Cusco (11,000 feet)?

  • We take 3 days to acclimatize to Cusco doing city tours and ruins tours in the area.  Don’t forget the Coca tea!!

 6. Is there something that a lot of people pack that they really don’t need to?

  • Too many changes of clothes.  Keep it simple, save your clean clothes for after your shower in Aguas Calientes.  We will all stink at the end of 4 days on the trail.

7. Is there something that people tend to forget to pack?

  • Extra shoes for the camp evenings.  Great to let your boots dry out and give your feet a rest.

8. Can you share an interesting story about an interesting local person you have met in Peru?

  • Narciso, he was amazing.  He know just about everyone from the start of the trek, in every village, farm, checkpoint.  A little unorthodox in his style, but you could tell he was a man of the Andes and is absolutely devoted to showing people the beauty of the ruins and continuing the stories of the Incas.
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