Top 6 Mind-Blowing Treks That Don’t Kill Your Knees

While some of our guests strive for a strenuous edge to their trekking adventures, many of our travelers prefer to put culture and dramatic scenery first and opt for a milder trekking option for their vacations.

For the latter type of traveler, we have gone ahead and put together a list of incredible treks that lead to mind-blowing destinations but still leave the ol’ knees intact, so travelers can enjoy the destination trekked to after the trek itself is over! ?

Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago

Experience the Camino with a little bit of luxury!  On this hike, you stay in the very nicest 4-star hotels along the route.  This is an amazingly special experience!

The Portuguese Coastal Way is another very popular Camino route and is and excellent alternative to the French Way. This stunning walk weaves along the coastline of Portugal into Spain, taking in some beautiful fishing towns and scenery. The seafood along the route is gorgeous with fresh produce served in most restaurants.

Spend time on the white sandy beaches of Northern Portugal and Southern Galicia and soak in the laid-back atmosphere of maritime culture on this peaceful Camino way.

Meet fellow pilgrims, discover local traditions and get your pilgrim passport stamped as you walk through woodlands, farmland and rustic hamlets. Once in Santiago, get your “Compostela” certificate and explore the magic of the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This will be a self-guided hike.  It can be customized (itinerary and accommodations), and we can arrange a private guide for you. The hike can be stretched to 9 days.

All treks include luggage transfer, so you just carry a day pack with the things you need for the day.

Pricing starts at: $1295 USD per person

Patagonia Camp

Patagonia Camp

With its awe-inspiring nature, intense weather, epic dramatic landscapes and magnificent flora and fauna, Torres del Paine has something for everyone. Each day, choose from a multitude of various excursions to explore the park with expert, bi-lingual Patagonian guides. Excursions vary in difficulty, length and activities allowing guests to choose what best suites their personal interests and skill levels. Trek through ancient forests, past electric blue and green lakes, rivers and streams with the jagged mountains and captivating glaciers as your backdrop. Return to the warmth of your personal yurt as the sun slips below the horizon and take part in local quincho, Patagonian barbecue, while sipping a glass of local Chilean wine to end the perfect day!

Pricing starts at: $1690 USD per person


Atacama Desert

Come explore the otherworldly landscape of the high Andes in northern Chile! Travel among turquoise and emerald lagoons, bubbling hot springs, rust-colored volcanoes and ancient geysers in the Atacama, the world’s highest desert. Here, crimson snow-capped volcanoes blend with pastel-colored desert expanses accented with orange canyons and epic dunes. Trek among the bizarre rock formations of the Valley of the Moon, mountain bike on narrow trails through mystical canyons, walk through the ruins of pre-Colombian villages, watch the daily eruption of the Tatio geysers, and photograph the ever-changing colors of the amazing scenery! As the moon rises, observe some of the clearest and most brilliant night skies in the Southern Hemisphere.

Pricing starts at: $1685 per person

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

4) 5-Day Lares Luxury Lodge Adventure to Machu Picchu

Choose your own adventure on the Luxury Lodge to Lodge Lares Adventure! This 5 day hiking and cultural experience is excellent for groups of diverse interests and abilities. Your incredible journey will lead you through the rich history, living culture and magnificent landscape of Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas and end at Machu Picchu, the crown jewel of the Inca Empire. At each day’s sunset, settle into deluxe mountain lodges run in partnership with local communities, to prepare for a new day of multi-activity adventure and exploration.Majestic archaeological sites lead to remote and uncrowded trails taking travelers through mountains and valleys, abounding in natural beauty and dotted with Andean communities, where the locals are master weavers and their traditions are still firmly rooted in ancient Incan culture. Expert guides tailor the experience with an offer of a la carte daily activities (easy to challenging hiking or mountain biking) and cultural encounters. Decide on whim, what you feel like doing each day and make this trek your own!This program is also available as a 7 day itinerary, with 2 additional days of hiking and touring.  Contact us, if interested.

Pricing starts at: $2395 per person

Chapada Diamantina

Chapada Diamantina

Near Salvador we find the most important trekking spot in Brazil: Chapada Diamantina. Large quantities of rivers are born in this spectacular region, forming over the years, beautiful streams, bubbling waterfalls and clear, natural pools. Some natural attractions include the Cachoeira da Fumaca, with its free fall of 380 meters, or the dazzling cave, Poco Encantado. Throughout the trek, the marvelous natural landscape will continue to surprise and amaze.

Pricing starts at: $845 per person

Trekking in Bhutan

In this tour, you arrive in Paro, the main city of Bhutan, and then fly the eastern region.  From there, you will drive back to Paro seeing all the cultural highlights plus day hikes to amazing monasteries and mountain vistas almost every day.  This is a great option for people who want to explore Bhutan’s culture and history, but also want to be more active.

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