Advice from Clients

“Be in the very best physical shape you can be; this is something you have control of.”

“Do not to rush and if possible take the extra day on the mountain to help the acclimatization process.”

“Be prepared for cold. I expected cold at the top but it was cold from day 2 on.”

“Eat as much as you can, I do believe it can make a difference.”

“For Kili, I suggest paying a little extra for another porter to ensure yourself a private toilet.”

“If taking the the shuttle from Nairobi be sure you are prepared for a long trip in cramped quarters, hot and uncomfortable conditions. Give your self a full day in Moshi before starting the trek if taking shuttle.”

“Train, take an expedition bag, tip the help along the way, not just the end.”

“Pack as if you had to carry all of your clothes. Invest in high quality clothing that is made for trekking. Buy a day pack which will limit what you can bring with you.”


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