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We highly recommend travel insurance for any trip you take.  You just never know what is going to happen before or during a trip.  Many people do not realize that travel insurance covers things like your hotel if your flight canceled or delayed, lost or stolen baggage, and trip cost if a family member becomes hospitalized.

There are many travel insurance companies, and the coverage varies in subtle ways.  When picking your travel insurance, check the coverage that applies to you.

Hurricanes, earthquakes, and mudslides

No one could have predicted that a mudslide would shut down the train to Machu Picchu or that Haiti would be devastated by an earthquake.  Will your travel insurance cover you?

Scuba diving

If you plan to scuba dive, there may be restrictions like you have to dive with a dive master and less than 100 feet.  You may need DAN coverage as well as travel insurance.

Hot air balloons

If you are doing a hot air balloon on a safari, you may need additional coverage.

Rental cars

With most travel insurance companies and credit cards, this is “secondary” insurance.  This means that they will cover whatever your regular auto insurance does not cover.  Travel insurance with “primary” coverage is better if you are renting a car.

Non-medical Evacuation

If you are stuck at Machu Picchu because of a mudslide, will your travel insurance get you out?

Groups of 10+ and student groups

If you purchase your travel insurance as a group, it is often greatly discounted.

Purchase quickly

If you purchase your travel insurance within days of your initial deposit, many extras are included like pre-existing conditions and terrorism.  Read the fine print!

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