Top 5 Buenos Aires Steakhouses

When planning a trip to Buenos Aires and creating one’s “must-do” list, trying the mythical Argentine beef is a high desire for most travelers. But where do you go to taste true, authentic to-die-for beef cuts in BA? Fear not. We have done our homework and here is a top-five list of the must-have parilla experiences in the “Paris of the South”.

  1. Parrilla Don Julio – Palermo
  2. Gran Parilla del Plata – San Telmo
  3. La Brigada – San Telmo
  4. La Cabrera – Palermo
  5. Le Grill – Puerto Madero
  6. Fervor Brasas de Campo y Mar – Recoleta
  7. Lo De Jesus – Palermo

Parilla Don Julio

1) Parrilla Don Julio

Located in Palermo Soho, this heavenly restaurant boasts an epic wine list and pieces of meat so tender you would swear that the chef himself had struck a deal with the devil to produce such perfection. Other specialties of the house include grilled provoleta cheese along with dense and aromatic mushrooms. This place is not to be missed.

  • NOTE: You will need to make a reservation at least 3 months in advance.

Gran Parilla de la Plata
Gran Parilla del Plata

2) Gran Parilla del Plata

This turn-of-the-century, butcher shop converted restaurant is my ultimate favorite in the city. Nestled in the bohemian neighborhood of San Telmo, the divine aromas that start wafting out of their kitchens in the evenings engulf the weary traveler and locals alike with a warmth and comfort that only one’s grandmother’s cooking might rival. Try the ojo de bife or matambre cuts and pop the cork on a ripe Malbec- enjoy!

La Brigada
La Brigada

3) La Brigada

Another classic San Telmo restaurant, this place feels like a home/family gathering. Often times seated two inches from your neighbor, make new friends and start comparing dishes as the servers whisk by you with plate after plate of tantalizing asado. The steaks here are straightforward and absolutely delicious!

La Cabrera
La Cabrera

4) La Cabrera

For good reason, this is one of the most famous parillas in the city. Centrally located in Palermo, La Cabrera has made an international name for itself over the years. That said, it is often filled with tourists but don’t let that keep you away. The provoleta and Lomo marinada de verduras are bliss on a plate.

Le Grill
Le Grill

5) Le Grill

Want to elevate your parilla experience? Head over to Puerto Madero for a chic dining experience at Le Grill. Complete with an excellent wine list, enjoy the views of this upscale, port neighborhood and dig in!

6) Fervor Brasas de Campo y Mar

Bonus 6th steakhouse you will love. A great option if you are staying Recoleta!

7) Lo de Jesus

Bonus #2 — It is more local than La Cabrera and slightly less expensive, but it has all the quality and an incredible wine list. Located in Palermo.

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