Which Route on Kilimanjaro is Best for Me?

Which route is best for you?  The short answer is that the 7-day Machame Route and the 6-day Rongai Route are the most popular routes with our travelers.  BUT — it depends on what you are looking for!

Climb Kilimanjaro in a groupI want to join a group:

If you want to join a group, the best option is the 7-day Machame Route.  We offer group treks 2-4 times a month.  One departure will be to summit on the full moon, some departures summit on the new moon (good for stars), and all match up with our group safaris.  You can also climb Kilimanjaro in a group on the 6-day Machame Route.

I want a route that is less crowded:

Summit Mount KilimanjaroFor a less-traveled route, we recommend the 6-day Rongai Route.  This route starts on the northeast side of the mountain and then descends on the southeast side.  This is our second most popular route on Kilimanjaro.

I want a longer route for better acclimatization:

The best route for a longer trek is the 8-day Lemosho Route.  You can even add a day to make it 9 days.  Other routes that are excellent for acclimatization are the 7-day Rongai Route and the 7-day Machame Route.

I want to summit on a full moon:

Climb Mt. KilimanjaroYou can summit on the full moon on any of the routes.  Plan the full moon date on the second to the last day of the trek.

I want a luxury Kilimanjaro experience:

This is a great option with extra comforts and safety equipment.  Our Luxury Kilimanjaro Upgrade includes many nice features including:

  • Personal porter to carry your day pack
  • Oxygen and hyperbaric bag
  • Portable toilet and camp shower
  • Extra pad and camp pillow
  • Many other extras!

I am traveling in rainy season (April-May):

In the rainy season, we recommend the 6-day Marangu Route as this is the only route where you sleep in huts.  The other option is the 6-day Rongai Route as it tends to be drier on the north side of the mountain.

Climb Kilimanjaro on the 5-day Marangu RouteI want something short and cheap:

The shortest and cheapest trek is the 5-day Marangu Route.  However, we recommend at least 6 days on the mountain for better acclimatization.


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