Introduction to The Luxury Salkantay Lodge to Lodge Trek

Trekking in Peru is one of the best and most sought-after adventure opportunities in South America. Experience the Salkantay Trek with our South America specialist, Gretchen!

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To elevate your trekking experience, there are currently two lodge-to-lodge luxury trek options to Machu Picchu: The Salkantay Trail and The Lares Trail. Both ancient Inca trails, each offers unique views on Peru’s incredible landscapes and Andean cultures- come experience the first day of the Salkantay Trek here!


Salkantay Peak: One of the coveted vistas throughout this trek


This morning, we set off on a four hour drive from the Lamay Lodge (start of the Lares Trek), along winding bumpy roads, past verdant peaks and gushing rivers, through several valleys and small mountain villages to finally arrive at the Soray Lodge. Located in Soraypampa, this lodge marks the beginning of the famous Salkantay Trek- a gorgeous alternative original Inca trail to Machu Picchu.

The lodge sits on an unlikely flat little plateau between several enormous green mountains with epic hanging glaciers dominating the background of the picturesque scene. I never wanted leave.


Soray Lodge Entrance

We have the afternoon to relax so we advantage of the hot tub and sauna beside the lodge while conversing with other guests who are getting ready to embark on the Salkantay Trek. We have dinner next to cozy fire places and retire early to get rest for our hike tomorrow.


This morning we rise early and head off with Johan and our local guide Antonio. Antonio has his horse, Justin (short for Just In Case- in case a hiker, one of us, needs assistance), and two dogs, Draco and Chico, in toe.


Starting Salkantay trek at Soray

As the morning clouds lift, we begin our way up the valley sides towards the base of a moraine. Here, we cross a glacial stream (that ultimately feeds into the Amazon River !) and continue up, over another rocky hill to our final destination: Humantay Lake.

The lake sits just below the largest hanging glacier in the valley and is an electric turquoise color. We can only see parts of the glacier as the fog dances along the boarder of the lake; it is eerie and mesmerizing.


Humantay Lake

We have a snack and then continue our way back down to hot showers awaiting us.

By 11AM we are back on the mountain road to the Cusco airport – only three hours this time. As we leave the valley we excitedly discuss our plans to return to do the entire trek- if we experienced only the beginning, and it was that awe-inspiring, doing the entire trek must be beyond incredible!

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