Catch the Next Solar Eclipse in Argentina and Chile!

Did you catch the Solar Eclipse? Half of the AWR team got to experience it from Idaho and it was otherworldly!


Eclipse as seen from Idaho by AWR team

Unfortunately, I was unable to see it as I was in Brazil. I can’t really complain about being in the paradise that is Brazil, however, I would have taken this “once in a lifetime” event more seriously and planned to be back in the Pacific Northwest (my roots) if I knew just how amazing the eclipse was to experience. Nevertheless, all is not lost! The next opportunity to view a total Solar Eclipse will occur on July 2, 2019 when the path completely bisects South America, cutting across Argentina and Chile. While July may not typically call travelers to these two countries, it is prime ski season in the Chilean Lakes District, as featured in this recent article by Teton Gravity Research, and the Atacama desert is one of the best celestial viewing areas on earth, period!

Licancabur Atacama

Atacama, Chile

Imagine experiencing an eclipse from the otherworldly Atacama Desert, then jetting down to the Chilean Lakes District for skiing, riverside hot tub soaks and supreme hospitality & cuisine? …or traveling to Peru to learn how the Incas charted the movement of the sun, moon and stars. The sky’s the limit for designing the Latin America trip of a lifetime around this next celestial event.

Lakes District

Osorno Volcano, Lakes District, Chile

Want to start planning your next Solar Eclipse adventure of a lifetime? Contact us!

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