6 Tips to Prepare for Climbing Kilimanjaro

For many people, climbing Kilimanjaro is one of the hardest things they have done.  Being prepared will increase your chances of summiting, and will just make the hike more enjoyable.  Here are some tips to prepare for climbing Kilimanjaro you may have missed!

1) Fitness

Cardio should be the core of your training program.  Get out and hike, run, bicycle, swim, whatever you like to do.  The more in shape you are, the easier the hike will be.  With reduced oxygen levels on the mountain, a strong cardiovascular system will help in reaching the summit.

Strength is the next area to work on.  A strong body will help carry you to the top!

And finally, trim down your weight.  The less you have to carry up the mountain, the easier it will be.

2) Train with day pack

Get out and walk, walk, walk.  Go up and down hills as much as you can.  And wear your day pack.  It will be light, but it can feel like it weighs a ton if you are not used to it.  This will also test out what items you will need for hiking for the day.

3) Get the gear

Staying warm and dry is so important.  Get the right clothes and sleeping bag.  They need to be warm, moisture wicking, and lots of layers.  Spend a little money to get good gear that won’t rub in the wrong places, that dries quickly, and is comfortable.

4) Break in boots

How many times have you heard that?  It is still so important on Kilimanjaro.  Also test out your socks, and wear your boots up hills and down hills to see how manage in both extremes.

5) Talk to doctor

We highly recommend that you visit your primary doctor to discuss high altitude, fitness, pre-existing conditions, and general health.  The climb is strenuous, and your doctor can provide guidelines whether you should do the trek and also on training.

Talk your doctor about vaccinations, or go to a travel medicine clinic.

6) Don’t over pack

You are limited to 15kg / 33lbs in the bag that you give to your porter.  Bring the right gear, an you won’t need to bring too much.  Share common items with your travel partners so that you don’t bring double of things.

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