AWR Now Carbon Neutral In Peru

At AWR sustainable and mindful tourism is one of our defining cornerstones. As of October 1st, we are proud to announce that we will be launching are our new carbon neutral plan for all of our Peru programs.

A letter from our ground operators in Peru:


Jumping for joy about carbon neutrality!

“Since we first started offering tours to Peru back in 1975, we have been committed to addressing the negative impacts that our trips may have on the scenic natural areas and remote communities we visit. Over the past 43 years, our approach toward managing those impacts has evolved. At the turn of the century we took the first steps toward systematizing our environmental management processes and created an Environmental Management System, which we certified under ISO14001 in 2002. This implied careful documentation of processes and preventive measures, as well as measurement of a series of outputs, mainly energy use, water use and waste generation. Then, in 2014, we decided to evolve from a pure environmental management system to a sustainability management system certified under Rainforest Alliance. With this new certification we basically added the sociocultural and business management components to our environmental management system so we could track our performance and progress on all three pillars of sustainability.

This year, recognizing that measuring and minimizing our negative impacts is not enough, we made the decision to measure our residual impact – that which we have not been able to minimize – and offset it via the purchase of carbon credits via a partnership with Regenera. With the help of this organization, we have been able to measure our carbon footprint from daily operations as well as those produced by the different types of tours we run using the GHG Protocol Accounting Standards, and offset it via the purchase of carbon credits which provide monetary support for reforestation and avoided deforestation projects in Peru. You can find more information on these projects HERE.”

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU, AWR TRAVELERS: Starting in the month of October, AWR will begin including a carbon offset fee on all our Peru packages ($2.00 per traveler per day) to ensure that our trips are carbon neutral from the moment our passengers land in Peru. You can find more information on that HERE. We hope that these efforts to be a more responsible tour operator are aligned with your philosophy. If by any chance you want to opt out of this initiative, please just let us know so that we can make sure to exclude this additional charge from your trip package. If you do, like us, see this as an opportunity to reinforce your sustainability philosophy, feel free to communicate the initiative to your group members and other friends who may be traveling, letting them know that their trips to Peru with us will be a zero emissions adventure!

Thank you so much for joining us in the efforts to be a more sustainable company and we hope you enjoy your adventures to Peru even more now with this new option!

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