NEW TRIPS! In Laos, Northern Vietnam, and Thailand

Adventures Within Reach is extremely pleased to unveil three new soul-stirring Southeast Asian itineraries for our highly valued travelers. These new private tours include

  • A fascinating short discovery trip of Luang Prabang, Laos
  • A longer Thailand explorer-style trip with value in mind
  • A finely-crafted northern Vietnam adventure sure to whet the appetites of any international travel enthusiast

Travelers can start these trips any day and combine them into one grand tour or pick one or two and customize them. It’s easy to make a longer trip to get the most out of the experience, finely tailored to your interests. We specialize in custom tours to this exciting region, showing you the iconic “must-see” spots while also dishing up real life in the quieter, scintillating back-roads of this awesome region.

Longing for Laos? 

Our new 4-day Luang Prabang Explorer >> is a wonderfully diverse tour showing you the the deep history of the area as well as its rich contemporary culture. Luang Prabang is widely considered the crown jewel of travel within Laos, one of those countries that – like a New Zealand or a Peru – people often rate among their finest travel experiences. On the trip, we meet monks on their daily trek for alms, discover and sample local foods in the markets (and during a tasty cooking class), appreciate grand colorful temples, and mingle with locals through countryside village visits and a traditional Baci ceremony. We explore elaborate caves with ancient religious shrines, local farms, and swim in waterfalls if you so choose. You can start the trip any day and it’s easy to add to any Southeast Asia itinerary.

2018/2019 Pricing

  • 2 or 3 travelers: US$695/person in mid-range lodging OR US$995/person in upgraded accommodations
  • 4 or more travelers: US$575/person in mid-range lodging / US$845/person in upgraded accommodations
  • Note: From April 1 through September 30, there is a significant discount (per person) when booking the upgraded accommodations (US$200/person discount for parties of 2 or 3, US$150/person for parties of 4 or more).

Time for Thailand?

Thailand ranks in the world’s top 10 tourist destinations by visitor numbers.  While the main draws are not too hard to pinpoint – bustling Bangkok, fine beaches, and great Thai food –  we like to show travelers there’s far more to Thailand.  On our new 11-day Best of Thailand Budget tour >>, we immerse travelers in both the vintage highlights plus lesser known hideaways balancing both experience and value throughout.

We start the trip in Bangkok, the region’s number one travel hub. You’ll join your local expert guide and wander the great temples here, get to know the city better by tuk tuk, and travel the backwater canals that make Bangkok ‘the Venice of the East.’ From Bangkok, we head to the exotic jungles of Kanchanaburi, visiting historic World War II sites, exploring caves, and swimming in massive waterfalls. From the famed River Kwai, we explore Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Siam, one of Thailand’s greatest archaeological sites. Boarding a classic night train to Chiang Mai, we then  discover this enchanting second city of Thailand, home  to marvelous markets, hallowed Buddhist shrines, and a real adventure hub. On your free day here, travelers have the option of doing a full day trek through rugged rainforest hills to back country villages clinging to their old ways. Departing Chiang Mai, head to the beach. Where we may suggest traveling too can depend on the time of year, but generally, traveling in the high season, many travelers find the best value visiting Phuket. Phuket has renowned white sand beaches, a wide range of full day sea adventures – including day trips to exotic beach islands – and a welcome array of hotels, from budget properties to 5-star elite beach resorts.

2018/2019 Pricing

  • 2 or 3 travelers: US$1,495/person
  • 4 or more travelers: US$1,195/person
  • Note: Take $100/person off these prices during the low season (April 1-October 30)

Venture in Vietnam? 

Northern Vietnam is on a lot of buckets lists these days, being home to famous Halong Bay, a striking UNESCO world heritage site. But like they say on game shows: “Wait! There’s more!” Traveling in Vietnam really is like winning the jackpot.

On our new 8-day Northern Vietnam In-Depth >>, travelers experience not just the bay area, but also Hanoi – a leading cosmopolitan city in the region, replete with cafes, great restaurants, art galleries, colorful flower shops, markets and more – plus the rugged mountains and unique village life surrounding Sapa. We also squeeze in time to visit beautiful Ninh Ninh, the spectacular inland Halong Bay.

For travelers with more vacation time and who desire an even deeper, fuller experience of Vietnam, this trip is easy to combine with the 9-day Southern Vietnam In-Depth >> trip, or you could opt to add in a different country altogether and visit Angkor Wat >> among other options.

2018/2019 Pricing

  • 2 or 3 travelers: US$1295/person in mid-range lodging / US$1,445/person in upgraded accommodations
  • 4 or more travelers: US$995/person in mid-range lodging / US$1,245/person in upgraded accommodations

We customize Southeast Asia trips all the time.  If you want to explore what we can help you with, please contact us >> anytime. We hope to share with you the raw magic of Southeast Asia, the magic that we know first-hand and love.

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