Introducing Antarctica’s 2020-2021 Season Dates and Rates!

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Being up-close with Antarctica’s penguins is one of the world’s most exciting wildlife experiences

Adventures Within Reach is excited to announce that the 2020-2021 Antarctica expedition dates and rates are set. Reserving a trip far in advance is the only way to better insure that you get on the trip you want, when you want it, and in the cabin you prefer. For some expeditions, like the 8-day Antarctica Fly/Cruise, booking more than a year out is virtually a de facto requirement just to get on a trip.

The 2020-2021 season dates and ships are listed on the landing page of each trip. Simply click the trip link and check out the tour summary at the top for dates/ships. Most departures include a “from” price for general reference. For specific prices and availability for the cabin-type you’d prefer, simply contact us >> and we will help!

12-Day Antarctica Basecamp
Camping on Antarctica

12-Day Antarctica Basecamp

These specialized, adventure-oriented Basecamp Expeditions feature the most exciting activities imaginable including camping on Antarctica, sea kayaking, mountaineering and more, all included in the price. The “basecamp” is in fact a comfortable yet formidable expedition vessel. Traveling by zodiac to shore, you’ll explore awesome natural areas loaded with pristine Antarctica scenery. Like with other expeditions, you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to witness the wonderful wildlife of the region too!

10-Day Classic Antarctica Peninsula Expedition
Zodiac in Antarctica

10-Day Classic Antarctica

Classic Antarctica expeditions are easily the most affordable way to visit Antarctica in a deeply meaningful way. The trips check all the most important boxes: Antarctic wildlife, surreal polar scenery, and a chance to personally set foot on the hallowed white continent itself. These trips voyage from Ushuaia, Argentina and across the famed Drake’s Passage to explore the wildlife-rich South Shetland Islands and the icy upper reaches of Antarctica’s western arm.

8-Day Antarctica Fly/Cruise
Penguins line up for the polar plunge

8-Day Antarctica Fly/Cruise

The 8-day Antarctica Fly/Cruise expeditions are among the truly elite travel experiences available on Earth. Departing from Punta Arenas, Chile, travelers fly to Antarctica aboard a polar-worthy, custom aircraft. After landing, you hop aboard the expedition vessel and cruise Antarctica much like you would on a classic cruise. Then you fly back. The trip saves you time and spares you the 2-day voyage across the Drake. Sea Kayaking and hiking/snowshoeing are options for travelers looking for that extra kick!

19-Day Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica
Albatross displaying

19-Day Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica

For travelers who have the time and financial resources available, the longer Antarctica expeditions are among the most epic trips in the world, traveling to three amazing “end of the world” natural areas, each incredibly isolated and wild. These trips are especially excellent for keen wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. With more variety in habitats, there’s more variety in wildlife and scenery.

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