Top Must-Visit Restaurants in Lima and Cusco

Peru is the culinary capital of South America with Lima and Cusco being it’s gastronomic epicenters. Read on for our list of top recommended stops to delight your senses on your next trip to Peru!


Cala Restaurant – Barranco

By the sea in one of the main gastronomic capitals of the world we find an innovative cuisine of traditional Peruvian flavors fused with the secrets of the Mediterranean. Commandeered by Alfredo Aramburú and his son Jose Alfredo, they work hand in hand on experience and creativity with the latest culinary techniques. Presenting a menu full of personality with a great variety of dishes and sea freshness. A legacy from father to son that is reflected in every detail is their main key to success.

Astrid & Gastón

Their story begins in 1994: Gastón Acurio and Astrid Gutsche, newcomers to study cooking in Paris, founded the restaurant in a small house in Miraflores. At first, very French, according to the world trend. Then, over the years, decidedly Peruvian; willing to revalue inputs and recipes, and with the clear objective of promoting Peruvian gastronomy in the world. 2014 was their twentieth anniversary. They have left Cantuarias to start a new project: to settle in Casa Moreyra, an old house, over 300 years old, in the chic San Isidro neighborhood. Today, Gastón and Astrid, along with a young team of cooks, constantly serve up innovative and exciting culinary surprises that will leave any traveler to Peru astounded.


At Central, the biodiversity of Peru is celebrated. Fresh ingredients and an inexhaustible curiosity to discover and to integrate new ingredients to its menu give rise to a Peruvian cuisine of vanguard in the heart of the traditional district of Miraflores in Lima. The experience that they promise to offer guests is to explore the heterogeneous Peruvian territory in inputs, colors, stories and scenarios. In moving together to different heights, and connect with our environment in a special way. Take a few minutes of your time to complete the information they require. With this they assure that every meticulous detail will be taken into account.

La Gloria

A classic of Lima, The Glory of Oscar Velarde has always remained in the top positions of the different rankings of the country. It has an elegant atmosphere and a first class service. Nowadays the kitchen is in charge of chef Alejandro Salazar, who presents a menu of Mediterranean food and also uses Peruvian ingredients that give his dishes a delicious fusion.


Life is movement. Nothing is static or absolute. Nobody is. We are in constant flux, as are the Earth, the tides, the bacteria, the light, the blood of our bodies, the color and the seed. The kitchens, like the family trees, are constantly redefined, their identities enriched in an intense interculturality that is the basis of the history of every civilization, since men exchanged the first sounds, products, ideas, customs. Fusion cooking is nothing but cooking, so eloquent is the word that encloses the act. Blood is conjured in the fire. People sing in the hearth. The individual and collective stories merge in the hearth. In the stove life is gestated, the elements are united. In the kitchen the dialogue is promoted, the elements are confronted, the opposites are attracted. This is how the Nikkei kitchen was born, from a complex history known as Peru and from another of equal proportion, distant and foreign, called Japan, that came together to live harmoniously and create a third reality: The Nikkei Kitchen


Inka Grill

Inka Grill, the first restaurant of their chain, arrived in the majestic Plaza de Armas of Cusco in 1998, was a pioneer of the gastronomic revolution in the city. They offer an international menu perfectly amalgamated with Peruvian flavors and adapted to suit all tastes, in which the comforting bird and quinoa soup stands out. The menu reinvents international dishes in its original concept, from pastas, pizzas and sandwiches to vegetarian dishes and unforgettable desserts.


The ají limo is an indispensable ingredient of ceviche, the standard-bearer of Peruvian cuisine. In it the owners were inspired to create LIMO, Peruvian cuisine & pisco bar, a modern culinary proposal with an emphasis on marine products: tiraditos and ceviches stand out; their sushi bar, an exponent of Japanese Peruvian food; and their famous rice chaufa as some of our most emblematic dishes.


A great dining experience is not only the food, for us it is actually the whole idea of going out; where the food and the wine are part of everything around you. The whole experience of Cicciolina starts with finding out about another part of life, the aromas from the open kitchens, the amazing women and men that attend you and the feeling of how everyone sort of knows each other, pecks on the cheek and smiles from regular customers in a tourist town. Cicciolina is all about attention to detail.

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