What is the Hiking Like on the Camino de Santiago?

Depending on the route and itinerary you choose, you will hike 9-17 miles / 15-28km per day. There are hills, but any steep sections are relatively short. Because you are hiking a good distance every day, the main problem people encounter are blisters and sore muscles. Footwear, blister first aid, and ibuprofen are important. Hiking poles are also highly recommended. There will be cafes and rest areas along the trail where you can stop for a rest. Here are some of the different types of paths on the Camino de Santiago trek.

Dirt road through a canopy of trees
Hiking through a larger town – a great look at local life
Hiking on a quiet paved road
Through the beautiful countryside of small local farms
Over stone bridges
Stone pathway
Narrow dirt path
Past cute cafes
Through forests of fragrant Eucalyptus trees
Hiking into Santiago de Compostela
Final Destination – Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela!

Plan YOUR Camino de Santiago Trek!

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