Galapagos National Park Rules

Galapagos National Park Rules
  • Park Hours are 6am-6pm
  • Groups are a maximum of 16 people with 1 guide
  • Groups must stay together
  • Do not remove or disturb animals or objects (bacteria)
  • Stay on trails, guide in front
  • No food or gum, just water
  • Stay 7 feet / 2 meters from animals
  • Do not surround animals
  • No smoking or e-cigarettes
  • No flash photography
  • No loud noises, no phone noises
  • No drones
  • No selfie-stick, but tripods and monopods are okay
  • Walking sticks are okay, but no umbrellas, and do not use as a pointer
  • Use common sense
  • Pick up trash
  • No bathrooms, average excursion is 2 hours
  • No bright colored clothing (wasps)
  • No spray sunscreen or bug spray
  • Professional or commercial cameras not allowed
  • Binoculars are okay and recommended
  • No flip flops or sandals that fall off

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