Costa Rica: Arenal and Monteverde Activities

The most popular activities near the Arenal Volcano (La Fortuna) and Monteverde:

  1. Zip Lines / Canopy Tour
  2. Hanging Bridges
  3. Waterfall Rappelling
  4. Hot Springs
  5. Night Hike (easy)
  6. Arenal Volcano Hike (easy)
  7. La Fortuna Waterfalls Hike
  8. Chocolate/Coffee/Sugarcane Tour
  9. Hike to Rio Celeste (strenuous)
  10. Tubing down a river (active)
  11. Kayaking on the lake or river (calm/wildlife)
  12. Mountain Biking
  13. Stand-up Paddleboarding
  14. Sloth Sanctuary
  15. Boat from Arenal to Monteverde

Add these to your custom trip to Costa Rica!

1) Zip Lines Canopy Tour

This is a half-day tour in Arenal or Monteverde. It can be combined with hanging bridges.

2) Hanging Bridges

This can be done in Arenal or Monteverde and is easily combined with zip lines.

3) Waterfall Rappelling

This is a half-day activity offered in Arenal.

4) Hot Springs

Offered in Arenal, this is typically done late afternoon and combined with dinner. However, it can be done any time of day. There are many hot springs to choose from — some quiet and nature, others like a water park.

5) Night Hike (easy)

This is offered in Arenal and Monteverde, combined with dinner.

6) Arenal Volcano Hike (easy)

This is an easy hike around the base of the volcano. It is typically combined with the La Fortuna Waterfall and lunch. This is one of the most popular tours in the Arenal area with a fascinating hike on the trails at the foot of the Arenal Volcano (walk on the ancient lava flows of the eruption of 1968 and its history) and primary forest with natural trails where you can see abundant vegetation, giant trees and the possibility of seeing local fauna that inhabits the private reserve.

7) La Fortuna Waterfall Hike

Often combined with the Arenal Volcano hike. There are 500 steps down to the waterfall (and 500 steps up). You can swim in the water, but it is cold.

8) Chocolate/Coffee/Sugarcane Tour

Fun 2-hour tour in Arenal or Monteverde.

9) Hike to Rio Celeste (strenuous)

10) Tubing down a river (active)

11) Kayaking on the lake or river (calm/wildlife)

12) Mountain Biking

13) Stand-up Paddleboarding

14) Sloth Sanctuary

This is a guided tour in Monteverde and often combined with zip lines and/or hanging bridges.

15) Boat from Arenal to Monteverde

Allow 4 hours for the transfer from Arenal to Monteverde.

16) Restaurants in Monteverde

  • Nativo

Add these to your custom trip to Costa Rica!

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