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The Taj Mahal in India's Golden Triangle

We are pleased to announce amazing trekking itineraries and cultural tours in northern India! During a trip to India, AWR’s Dan Crandall met Manoj Sharma, who has been organizing treks in remote areas of the Indian Himalaya for over twenty years – he has personally led more than 200 trips in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet!


Manoj out in the mountains

Manoj loves hidden cultures in remote destinations, and he is able to share this passion with us through the amazing trips we offer.

While Himalayan peaks present some of the most challenging climbs, it is the villages and religious temples and monasteries near the mountains which present some great interesting hikes.

From Ladakh to Garwhal, Sikkim to Arunachal Pradesh and the newly opened valleys of Merak and Sakten (Manoj was the first to lead a trek there) in Bhutan, our trips showcase what is possible for climbers as well as hikers and include exposure to the local cultures of these regions. We are focusing our efforts on two amazing treks: the Ladakh region with an ascent of Stok Kangri (20,075 feet) and a trek to Kanchenjunga Base Camp in Sikkim.

Trekking in the Ladakh to Stok Kangri

The Ladakh is a land that is arguably more ‘Tibet’ than Tibet itself; a land where ancient Tibetan traditions and vital religious shrines have been carefully protected and honored. Our signature trek takes you to several remote and picturesque villages to the high Nimaling Plain below the magnificent peak of Kang Yatze. Finally you’ll have a chance to summit Stok Kangri at 20,075 feet above sea level.

Sikkim and Kanchenjunga

Kanchenjunga is the world’s third highest mountain, a sacred mountain in Sikkim easily seen from Darjeeling. While not nearly as well-known as Everest or K2, it is just as worthy for spectacular beauty and great hiking and it doesn’t have the crowds of the more popular (but wonderful!) Everest Base Camp Trek. Similar to the trek in the Ladakh, you’ll experience amazing mountain scenery and local culture.

We also offer tours in India’s Golden Triangle. Visits to forts and to the Taj Mahal introduce you to some of India’s most treasured sites. A Golden Triangle tour is a perfect addition to a trek in India or to a trip in Nepal or Bhutan.

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