Discovering India’s Amazing and Exotic Golden Triangle

Fort Agra in India's Golden Triangle

Before a traveler ventures off to exotic India, I like asking the question: “So, what do you think you’ll like the most on your trip?” Then upon return, asking the same question and finding out that the two answers are as wildly apart as the extremes within India itself.  More than other destinations, our idea of India compels us to test it out, to find out for ourselves, to discover the real India, or at least, how we really feel about it. What you may learn about the people, the place, and yourself may surprise you!

I’ve traveled through India twice. We based our Golden Triangle tour (Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra) partly on my own experiences and on highlights that most Western travelers like to focus on (India’s history and major sites in the central region) when visiting on a short trip.  The Golden Triangle tour is short enough to easily add on to any Nepal or Bhutan itinerary and just long enough to do by itself if all you have is a week for vacation, making it a perfect extension or a stand alone trip, especially if you can add an extra day in Rajasthan or 2 nights in Varanasi.

The Taj Mahal Entrance Gate

The goal of our tour is tri-fold:

  1. to introduce you to the wondrous diversity of a small corner of India;
  2. to share with you the amazing spectacle of the Taj Mahal at sunrise and other “essential” experiences for the savvy international traveler;
  3. to allow for a truly fresh, first-hand and enlightening perspective of some of India’s grandest moments and empires. Your private English-speaking guides join you at every site to share their fascinating knowledge of pivotal moments within a site’s history, while reciting the greater back story from which each event had its origin.

You stay in your choice of accommodations, from 3-star to 5-star hotels, however everyone gets to be a King or Queen for a day with the final night’s stay being at the evocative 15th century Neemrana Fort-Palace. India is a top-10 travel destination for all the right reasons – it is safe, stable, affordable, and rich with striking experiences waiting to be had. We hope you agree and can find the time to join us for what will be one of the most unforgettable trips of your life!

Dan Crandall, AWR Travel Specialist

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