Galapagos Airport and Itineraries Update

The San Cristobol Airport on the Galapagos is scheduled to reopen on February 7, 2008. Here is the planned schedule:

  • Quito-Guayaquil 9:09am-9:54am
  • Guayaquil-San Cristobal: 10:30am-11:15am
  • San Cristobal-Guayaquil: 12:15pm-3:00pm
  • Guayaquil-Quito: 3:45pm-4:30pm
  • Price: $430/person round-trip

This will change the itineraries for Eric, Flamingo, and Letty boats starting in February.

We have also updated the start dates for the family cruises and women-only cruises.

The Galapagos Transit Control Cards are already being issued to all travelers to Galapagos, and starting at the end of February, there will be a $10 fee for this.

The international Guayaquil Airport departure tax has increased to $27.15 as of February 1.


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