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Buenos Aires, the capitol of Argentina, is known as “The Paris of the South” for its gorgeous tree-lined boulevards, picturesque French-style architecture, and art and cafe culture. The tempo of the city is very Spanish, with its inhabitants often observing their version of siesta (taking very long lunches during the day) and eating dinner late and staying out even later. The vast majority of immigrants were Italian and this heritage shines through the special Argentine dialect of Spanish (with its very Italian-esque intonation), gesticulation (Argentines love speaking with their hands), and, finally, through food.

On our newest Argentina Buenos Aires Foodie Odyssey itinerary, dive into the world of seductive, ruby Malbecs, sizzling, tantalizing beef cuts, fresh, home-made, pastas, rustic, warm breads and light, decadent pastries on our unique tour of Argentina’s capitol! Explore the flavors of local markets, cook with native chefs and visit the cornerstone cafes, restaurants and bakeries along with the more modern closed-door supper clubs and hidden bars of Buenos Aires.  Sample gastronomic delights as you become better acquainted with the city’s history and neighborhoods!


Fresh flavors at The Argentine Experience

Buenos Aires, in recent years, has made a splash in the gastronomic world of closed door supper clubs. In our newest Buenos Aires Foodie Odyssey itinerary, get a taste of this secret and fun scene and ready yourself for the ultimate kick-off dinner! Received with a wine based cocktail and a Patagonian trout tartar, learn how to create empanadas using the traditional “repulgue” technique and fill it with a choice of gourmet fillings. Then, enjoy a typical argentine picada with grilled provoleta cheese, sliced chorizo sausage, and the always-amazing mollejas. Be ready to be blown away with a 250g tenderloin that has been dried cured for 24 hours. Let the guides teach you the best parts of Argentine culture including their favorite hand gestures. As a pre-dessert, be prepared to try local queso y dulce. For dessert, try your hand at crafting your own alfajores, Argentina’s national sweet, where cookies, dulce de leche, melted chocolate fondue and coconut shavings combine to delight the senses. Finally, learn about the history and etiquette of mate, Argentina’s national pastime, and prepare it from scratch. The experience includes a wine pairing of three wines specially chosen by Zuccardi Winery. It includes a Torrontes from Salta, a Blend and Malbec from Valle de Uco, Mendoza.

A gaucho shows his traditional decorative belt at Los Mataderos market

A gaucho shows his traditional decorative belt at Los Mataderos Market.

Sundays in Buenos Aires are market day. Follow your nose to some of the best local food carts at Los Mataderos market where gauchos preform traditional horse maneuvers and sell their wares. Then, mingle with local artists and sip the most perfectly balanced espresso in the famous bohemian neighborhood market of San Telmo.

Whether its smoky meat, country style cheeses, rich coffee, delicate pastries or robust and aromatic wines you seek, we’ve got you covered!

Want to learn more about our Buenos Aires Foodie Odyssey? Or another Argentina trip? Feel free to contact me!

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