Hidden Gems of Patagonia: Chile’s Top Three Parks for Trekking Lovers

Venturing south of Santiago, into the heart of Chilean Patagonia, one encounters the most impressively rich interweaving of epic national parks brimming with wildlife, biologically abundant nature reserves, jagged and glaciated peaks contrasted against wild and isolated steppe. The best way to take in these spectacular environments is by exploring the best of Chile’s parks on their vast network of hiking trails and retreating to local cozy mountains lodges in the evenings.

Chile’s Top Three Parks for Trekking Lovers

Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

1) Torres del Paine National Park

Declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1978, Torres del Paine National Park is internationally recognized as one of the most impressive, gorgeous and uncontaminated places on the planet. This unparalleled treasure is a haven of turquoise and electric blue lakes, rivers and waterfalls, mighty glaciers, ancient forests and incredible wildlife, all of which contribute to making it the number one destination for wildlife observers and adventure sportsmen alike.

Parque Patagonia (Patagonia Park)

Parque Patagonia (Patagonia Park)

2) Parque Patagonia (Patagonia Park)

Known as the “Yellowstone of Chile”, Patagonia Park is located in the Aysen Region and is comprised of the Jeinimeni Reserve, Tamango Reserve and Estancia Valle Chacabuco. In 2004, Conservacion Patagonica purchased the 170,500-acre Estancia Valle Chacabuco, which, until then, had been in an extremely critical state. The three collective parcels, along with other, smaller properties now create the massive 640,000-acre Patagonia National Park. This virgin area, takes 8 hours to drive to from Coyhaique and rewards those who make the journey with endless trails, a gorgeous lodge and the delight of being amidst the purest and wildest expanses of Patagonia.

Cochamo Valley

Cochamo Valley

3) Cochamo

Located in the Chilean Lakes District of northern Patagonia and commonly referred as the “Chilean Yosemite”, Cochamo is a hiker and rock climber’s paradise. Surrounded by lush forests and towering granite peaks, stay in rustic mountain and river lodges while completing day hikes to longer, multi-day treks.

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