Why You Should Be Planning Your Trip to Brazil Now

During the past year, I had the mind-blowing opportunity to spend almost two collective months on adventure trips in Brazil. Between sleeping in the Amazon canopy, working with local communities, trail running with monkeys, experiencing the Pantaneiro (cowboy) lifestyle in the wetlands, spelunking into caves, snorkeling in crystal clear rivers, admiring vibrant street art over a few cold cervejas with locals in the hip urban centers and trekking through ancient mountains and small villages lost in time, Brazil quickly stole my heart and has become one of my new personal favorite destinations.

pantanal brazil

Boating at sunset in the Pantanal

Brazil Amazon

Boarding a prop plane in the Amazon jungle

Brazil Amazon

Anavilhanas Archipelago from the sky. Brazil Amazon

This massive country has so much to offer and has somehow managed to fly under the radar for far too long. This summer (May-September) is the ultimate chance for travelers hungry for unrivaled adventure to come and see what Brazil is all about (and it’s a lot more than Carnival and Rio de Janeiro!). Whether you travel to Brazil in search of adventures, wildlife or culture, there is a region to appeal to every interest!

Bonito Brazil

Swimming in waterfalls in Bonito

Sao Paulo Brazil

Street art in Sao Paulo

Pantanal Brazil

Jaguar tracking in Pantanal

Why Visit Brazil NOW?

  • The US dollar is the strongest it’s ever been in Brazil right now at an exchange rate of between 3.5-4 Reals to the Dollar.
  • Roundtrip flights from the US to Brazil are as low as $450 for May – August.
  • There is still hotel and lodge availability in many of the highlight destinations for May – August.
  • Brazil is an untapped adventure hub brimming with opportunities for trekking, kayaking, snorkeling, tubing, zip lining, wildlife viewing, surfing and more!
  • Brazil is one of greatest cultural melting pots in the world (did you know that the largest Italian and Japanese populations outside of Italy and Japan call Brazil home?)
  • Cutting-edge gastronomic journeys offer excellent supplementary experiences to daytime active excursions.
Chapada Diamantina Brazil

Trekking in Chapada Diamantina

Pantanal Brazil

Sunset in quaint town of Corumba, Pantanal, Brazil

Green Coast Brazil

Trekking along the Green Coast

Where to go?

Salvador Brazil

Gorgeous historic downtown of Salvador

Amazon Brazil

Meet Elias, one of the last artists that still works with rubber in the Amazon

Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Stop for a refreshing cerveja (beer) in Rio

Travel Tips:

  • Travel with an open mind: Brazil is roughly the same size as the continental US and is extremely varied in its local cultures, landscapes, traditions and customs.
  • Safety: in urban centers, just like in any large city, use common sense and good judgment. You can bring your camera, iPhone, etc with you (I ran by myself every morning alongside Copacabana beach when I was in Rio, iPod in hand, and felt 100% safe); don’t call unnecessary attention to yourself and don’t wander into areas of the city that are obviously not soliciting an outsider’s presence.
  • Money: Where some countries in South America will accept US dollars as payment, in most Brazilian restaurants, shops, markets and bars they will only accept Brazilian Reals. Credit Cards are widely accepted and another option for payment.
  • Tipping: Dollars are happily and readily accepted as tip (due to the favorable exchange rate currently).
  • Uber: Just like in the US, is a great way to get around in Brazil when in larger cities and going out at night.
  • Know your facts: Though Spanish is spoken in most of the rest of South America, Portuguese is the official language spoken in Brazil.

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