Adventures Within Reach Introduces Brazil !

We are extremely excited to announce that Adventures Within Reach will now be offering our newest travel destination: Brazil! Adventure to the glittering Iguazu Falls, swim with pink dolphins and tree climb in the canopy of the Amazon, trek along ancient sand dunes and bathe in hidden lagoons in Lencois de Maranhenses, snorkel and rappel into caves in Bonito, trek past table-top mountains and swim under waterfalls in Chapada Diamantina, track jaguars and see some of the continent’s rarest birds in the Pantanal, or dance the night away to the samba beats in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil has something for everyone- come enjoy this treasure trove of adventure in the heart of South America!


Brazil Pantanal

Jaguars in the Pantanal

1) 7-Day In the Footsteps of the Elusive Jaguar

The Pantanal, the largest flood plain on the planet, is an exotic and extraordinary wildlife reserve. There is a huge variety of birds, fish and other species such as caimans, deer, capibaras, anteaters and even jaguars, all in plain view. In this expedition we will travel across the northern part of the Pantanal to fully enjoy its ecosystems. We will get to the end of the Transpantaneira where we will understand why the Pantanal is a Natural World Heritage Site.

Chapada Diamantina

Trekking in Chapada Diamantina

2) 6-Day Trekking the fantasy world of Chapada Diamantina

Near Salvador we find the most important trekking spot in Brazil: Chapada Diamantina. Large quantities of rivers are born in this spectacular region, forming over the years, beautiful streams, bubbling waterfalls and clear, natural pools. Some natural attractions include the Cachoeira da Fumaça, with its free fall of 380 meters, or the dazzling cave, Poço Encantado. Throughout the trek, the marvelous natural landscape will continue to surprise and amaze.

Green Coast Brazil

Trekking on Brazil’s Green Coast

3) 6-Day Trekking Reserva da Joatinga: Wonders of the Green Coast

South of Rio de Janeiro, the Green Coast is a unique combination of mountains, tropical rainforest, crystal water lagoons and untouched tropical islands. In this region, we can still find small fishing villages where the electricity has not yet arrived and where they still use traditional fishing techniques. The Ecological Reserve Joatinga is one place we’ll where we will learn from several fishing communities their lifestyle and customs. At the end, we will also visit the beautiful colonial town of Paraty and its romantic and cozy atmosphere.

Brazil Amazon

Amazon Boat Expedition

4) 5-Day Complete Amazon: Boat Expedition

The remote and unexplored Amazon is the largest rain forest and home to the highest population of indigenous people in Brazil. With few exceptions, the jungle is relatively untouched and we will have abundant opportunities to experience a fascinating adventure observing the region’s flora and fauna while learning from our local hosts. The best option for exploring this lush region lies in this expedition of five days that includes hiking, nocturnal observation of caimans, piranha fishing, swimming with the pink Amazon dolphins, a jungle survival tour, a visit to the caboclo communities and canoe trips along the igarapés and the igapós. It is a truly unique and unparalleled experience.

Brazil Bonito

Swim and snorkel in the waterfalls and rivers of Bonito

5) 4-Day River Snorkel and Waterfall Walks

Bonito is a town in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, world famous for its ecotourism. The main attractions are its magnificent natural landscapes, especially the water attractions; crystalline rivers with great variety of wildlife where you can go floating or scuba diving. Besides the beauty of its rivers there are also totally or partially flooded caverns, formed thousands of years ago in the stone. It’s an ideal place to do nature activities like snorkeling down the river, visit caverns and enjoy hiking around.

Lencois Maranhenses Brazil

Trek along sand dunes and hidden lagoons in Lencois Maranhenses

6) 4-Day Hidden Pools and Dunes of Lencois Maranhenses

The name of this park makes reference to the immense dunes that look like a bed sheet (lençóis) spread across the land. Near São Luis, this park is divided into Grandes Lençóis and Pequenos Lençóis, separated by Rio Preguiças. The zone contains beaches, mangrove swamps, lagoons and dunes, and it was declared a National Park in 1981. This experience takes us across the shifting dunes of fine white sand and crystal clear blue lagoons that seem to glow under the sunshine or the moonlight; a true spectacle for our eyes.

Rio Brazil

Visit Rio like a local

7) 4-Day Rio de Janeiro Essentials Adventure

Over its nearly 500 years of history, it has been the spring board for all the country’s principal cultural exports, and the port of entry for major international art exhibitions or musical events bringing top names from the classical to the contemporary. Rio’s architecture embraces churches and buildings dating from the 16th to the 19th centuries, blending with the world renowned designs of the 20th. In the South Zone, along the sea front, the city preserves the memory of names such as Tom Jobim and João Gilberto, who wrote the first chords of the Bossa Nova.

Brazil Amazon

Amazon Jungle Lodge Adventure

8) 4-Day Amazon Immersion: Jungle Adventure

On the banks of the mighty Amazon River, we find our jungle lodge. Here, it is possible to take part in hikes through the jungle, go bird watching, visit typical dwellings of the caboclas communities, fish for piranhas, observe the nocturnal habits of the caiman and canoe along the river at sunrise and sunset. During the visit, it is also possible to see the famous “Encontro das Águas” (Meeting of the Waters), where the Solimões River and the Rio Negro meet without mixing their waters.

Brazil Iguazu

Iguazu Falls

9) 3-Day Iguazu Falls Discovery

Iguaçu River wriggles in a western direction for 600 km, picking up along its way the waters of dozens of tributaries. The river widens and flows majestically through forests before descending into the various levels of the famous Iguazu (Iguaçu) waterfalls. They consist of 275 waterfalls that occupy an area more than 3 km wide and 80 m tall. They are wider than Victoria Falls, taller than Niagara Falls and more beautiful than both. There are neither words nor photographs that can properly describe them, you simply have to see and hear them for yourself.

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