Chez Gaston: Wine Tasting With the Locals

Buenos Aires

Chez Gaston

Allow your palate to travel through the premium wine regions of Argentina (Mendoza, Salta and Patagonia) with a sommelier that opens his home to you in one of the traditional neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. Gastón is an industrial engineer that lived in amazing places such as France, Italy, Uganda, Nigeria and Mauritania. His job gave him the chance to submerge himself into various unique cultures and learn about food, wine and tradition.

Buenos aires

Chez Gaston

Life ultimately brought him back to Argentina, where his wife and baby girl live. After becoming a sommelier, he now enjoys receiving guests at his private home to share his knowledge about wine.

buenos aires

Chez Gaston

Want to add this local experience to your next adventure to Argentina? Contact us!

Price: $95 per person.

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