GUEST REVIEW: Brazilian Amazon

This group of 6 AWR travelers just returned from an adventure in the Brazilian Amazon. Read on for their highlights and travel advice!

“We had a GREAT time in the Amazon! The folks at Tariri lodge were great & the food was wonderful! Wish we could spend more time there. Hard to coordinate 6 people’s schedules.

The night boat ride was great: everyone in the group remarked how cool it was to be on the water hearing the sounds of the jungle & seeing all the Southern Hemisphere stars! The group really enjoyed piranha fishing too (I was the only one who didn’t catch one though!)

Everyone on the AWR team was great & helpful & prompt!

My advice would have to do with flight-hopping within Brazil. Try to pack JUST carry on if you can: they’re more flexible with baggage too. In fact, the GOL rep. told us not to check the bags we were going to check and indeed we had no issues with 2 carry on size bags each. Connections can be tight (they had to reschedule us because one plane was late) & you never know. There aren’t the same fluid restrictions for domestic flights in Brazil. GOL did take good care of us when they had to reschedule our flights & put us up in a nice hotel near the SDU airport in Rio complete with cab fare & meals.


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