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It’s already February! Time to start planning your next escapes for 2020. Now that US travelers no longer need a visa to visit Brazil, we highly recommend venturing to this incredible country now more than ever!

Brazil is such a large country (roughly the size of the continental US) and there are endless opportunities for any kind of adventure our travelers might be looking for. To help our travelers this year, we have made a chart of the various regions of Brazil with the best times to visit them throughout the year and when to start you trip planning.

Rio de Janeiro, Costa Verde Paraty, Ilha Grande May to October It is the time of least rainfall, although you can visit at any time. January
Lençóis Maranhenses and Jericoacoara June to September The rainy season ends in June and the lagoons are full. February
Pantanal and Bonito July to September Dry season in which you can see more animals. Since May you can see the jaguar. March
Ilha de Marajó July Excellent season for foodies in the exotic state of Pará. April
Amazonas July to November Although there is rain all year round, at this time there is less heat and less mosquitoes. May
Reveillon (New Year) December 24th to January 2nd Hurry to make reservations to celebrate the change of year in classic or alternative destinations. June
Route of Emotions September to November Good prices and it’s windy season for water sports practitioners like windsurfing and kitesurfing. July
Brasil’s Northeast (Bahia, Fernando de Noronha, Salvador…) December to February Escape the cold winter on tropical Brazilian coasts with hot weather the whole year. August
Rio’s Carnival  2021 February 13th to 16th In September they release tickets and prices. September
Minas Gerais April to September It is the dry and less hot season, but you can visit at any time. October
Santa Catarina Easter Week Excellent destination to travel with the family throughout the year. November
Chapada Diamantina May to September Less rain and better roads for trekking activities. December
Foz de Iguacu All year long The falls are impressive throughout the year. All year long
Bahia All year long It is good weather all year round. Between November and January it rains less. All year long
Great Cities (Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador) All year long Urban experiences, with art, architecture and gastronomy for city adventurers. All year long
Bonito Brazil
Bonito Gruta Azul

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