Summiting Kilimajaro Via The Lemosho Route

Summiting Kilimanjaro is an amazing goal and definite must for any adventurer! There are numerous routes that trekkers can choose from to attain this. Check out our Kilimanjaro Route Comparison to learn more about all the routes and their individual ins and outs.

One of our travelers, Barbara just returned from a successful summit along the Lemosho Route. The Lemosho Route is typically completed in 8 days. This is a great option if you want a longer trek for acclimatization. It connects with the Machame Route at Shira 2 Camp. The drive to trail head is about 4 hours.

Check out some of Barbara’s photos here:

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NEW TRIP: 9-Day Northern Spain Luxury Adventure (Mountains, Ocean, Dining)

Ancient mountains, glittering sea, rich gastronomy, historic cities, and fine wines. Five elements that make our new 9-Day Northern Spain Luxury Adventure exceptionally unforgettable. It is in very few places in the world where one can enjoy these five elements in such close geographical proximity as the Basque Country, La Rioja and Navarra.

Enjoy hiking from the pastoral landscapes of the middle mountains of the Basque Country, to the high levels of the Navarrese Pyrenees. Test yourself on the Cantabrian waves and visit hamlets where you can taste the typical artisanal cheeses of the area. Get carried away by the historic towns and picturesque streets of cities like San Sebastián, Vitoria and Pamplona. Relax while taking in the views of the endless vineyards in La Rioja, and taste the wines that bloom from their vines. Throughout the trip, we will have endless opportunities to savor one of the most famous gastronomies in Spain and the world! Welcome to northern Spain, land of legends, vineyards, waves and mountains.

This is an excellent add-on before or after a Camino Trip and can be modified in any way that travelers see fit!

Starting at $3295/person!


Day 1: Arrival, transfer in Pintxos dinner (D)
Day 2: Visit Zarautz + Optional Activities (B)
Day 3: Hiking in Murrumendi + Visit to Tolosa (BL)
Day 4: Trekking in Txindoki + Idiazabal Cheese Tasting (BLD)
Day 5: Obarenes Mountain Trekking + la Muga Wine Tasting (BLD)
Day 6: Hiking in Urbasa Natural Park (BLD)
Day 7: Hiking in Valle del Echo + Craft Brewey Tour (BLD)
Day 8: Hiking in Foothills of Mesa de los Tres Reyes + Kortariko Gasna Cheese Tasting (BLD)
Day 9: Departure (B)

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Your friendly Spain expert,


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GUEST REVIEW: Dolomites Alta Via 1 Trek

This group of 4 friends just returned from our guided Alta Via 1 Trek in the Dolomites. Read on to hear about their experiences and see some of the amazing photos from their trip!

Dolomites Alta Via 1 Trek

Truly a hiker’s paradise, thousands of trails wind their way between the fantastic pinnacles of the jagged Dolomite Mountains, and the Alta Via represent the “best of the best.” These routes are multi-day, hut-to-hut alpine tours, and offer some the most breathtaking, challenging, multi-day trails available in this mountainous wonderland.

Hiker's paradise in the Dolomites

The Alta Via 1 is a fantastic trek, highlighted by breathtaking views, rustic and lively mountain refuges, a sense of excitement of what lies around the next bend or the next pass and the satisfaction of traveling by foot through this beautiful and remote area. On this quick getaway, we’ve shortened the classic trek from 11 days to 6, but retained all the highlights and excitement of traveling across the Dolomites! Our linear trip travels north to south through the Italian Alps, covering the first portion of the AV1; beginning in the Italian Südtirol, moving south through the Pragser and Tofana mountain groups, visiting the Fanes area, and concluding at Mount Lagazuoi.

Amazing mountain scenery hiking in the Dolomites

The impressiveness of the scenery and the variety of terrain on this route is matched only by the warmth and hospitality offered by the mountain huts. The unusual contrasts in landscapes, changing colors and textures of the mountains and curious mix of Italian and Austrian influences means fantastic hiking, stunning scenery, and plenty of pasta!

Great trekking guides in the Dolomite Mountains

“Everything went very well on our trek. The only unknown was weather as Dolomiti weather forecasts were all over the place. Robin’s last email with current weather reports from recent/ongoing trips was very helpful and reassuring.

Our guide, Karin, was fantastic!!!! Hotel Bello Seppe was also wonderful!! The hiking route was beyond our expectations….incredible. The huts should not be referred to as huts but lovely mountain/alpine lodges!

Mountain trekking Dolomites

Robin on the AWR team and those involved in Italy were absolutely first rate.

We highly recommend AWR and their partners in Italy. The Alta Via trek is breathtaking. We loved our guide and the knowledge and local flavor she brought to the trip. Definitely would recommend Karin (or comparable guide).

Mountain lodges on the Dolomites hike

Thanks Robin for a memorable trip!”


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GUEST REVIEW: Trekking in the Dolomites

Matt and Winton just returned from a stellar custom Dolomites Trek. Check out some of their trip photos below!

“We liked AWR’s flexibility and customized trips. On our trip we loved the spectacular scenery, terrific food, and nice friendly hotels. Working with AWR was very good and they always answered all our questions. Our advise for future travelers: relax, go with the flow, enjoy the local culture!” -Winton

Trekking in the Dolomites
Trails in the Dolomites

Long known as a paradise for rock climbers, the Dolomites are a great destination for hikers, too. Travelers will see the best of the stunning mountain Valhalla, as well as the majestic Sella massif and the striking, often-photographed pillars of Tre Cime di Lavaredo, arguably the most well-known landmark in the Dolomites.

Tre Cime di Lavaredo Dolomites

On the trail, travelers only need to carry a light daypack with the daily essentials (camera, water bottle, and jacket). But the best part? You can do as much (or as little) hiking as you please! We’ll provide details of varied, moderate hikes with strenuous options, but you get to customize your own experience as you go!

Want to plan your own Dolomite adventure? Contact us!

Hiking in the Dolomites Mountains, Italy

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GUEST REVIEW: Ecuador the Land of Mountains and Jungle

Stellar view of the Andes along the Lodge to Lodge Trek
Stellar view of the Andes along the Lodge to Lodge Trek

Jean and John just returned from an incredible custom 13-day journey to Ecuador where they visited the Bellavista Cloud Forest, Sacha Lodge in the Rainforest, and capped it all off with an incredible lodge-to-lodge trek through the Andes. Read on to hear their comments and see pictures from their incredible adventure!

Exploring volcanoes in Ecuador
Exploring volcanoes in Ecuador

“We are extremely likely to recommend AWR, and we’ll be using it again!

The highlights of our trip were: the variety of birds that we saw and quality of the guides at Sacha Lodge and Bellavista. They knew the Latin, Spanish and English term for birds + vegetation. I loved, too, the first lodges on our trek including the Cotopaxipungo and enjoyed getting a massage at the Hacienda el Porvenir + the owner was very friendly, looking forward to meeting you, and food was fabulous!

Spied a Huatzan in the Amazon Ecuador
Spied a Huatzan in the Amazon

Finally, was so glad that we hiked part of the volcano though it was a strange experience to be hiking in the snow, knowing that we were on the equator.

The old growth trees in the Ecuadorian rainforest are incredible!
The old growth trees in the Ecuadorian rainforest are incredible!

I almost forgot to mention: the Dann Carlton was wonderful, and I noticed that a lot of captains and flight attendants from various airlines stayed there, a good sign. The patisserie in the hotel was so excellent that we ate there 3 times- very good light dinners, lunches and, especially, coffees and pastries.


Cotopaxi Hacienda Adventure
In awe of Cotopaxi

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Kilimanjaro Success!

Greg has climbed Kilimanjaro three times with Adventures Within Reach and finally reached his goal of the summit on this last trip! Amazing job, Greg and congratulations on reaching the summit- we are all absolutely inspired by your personal perseverance and drive. Keep crushing!

Want to explore the rooftop of the African continent like Greg? Check out our Machame Group Departures!

If Marangu is the “Coca Cola” route, then the Machame Route is the “Whiskey” route. It is the second most popular and one of the most scenic routes on the mountain. All climbers sleep in tents (tents are included) and meals are served in a dinner tent or on a blanket outside.

It is done over 7 days, so acclimatization is easier, and the success rate is fairly high. It is for physically fit people with some hiking experience. Descent is down the Mweka trail staying at the Mweka or Millenium camp the final night on the mountain.

Check out all of our Tanzania Group Departures >>

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NEW TRIP! 5-Day Trekking in Picos de Europa Spain

Enjoy an incredible journey in Picos de Europa, Spain crossing the Central Massif while staying in cozy mountain huts!

Picos de Europa

We start the trip in Asturias (this trip can also start from Santiago de Compostela or Madrid) in Puente Poncebos, between the central and western Massif crossing the Cares Valley. We will ascend to Urrieles through Cordiñales enjoying beautiful places like Jermoso Col, Puertos de Avila and Vega de Urriello, where the famous Naranjo de Bulnes is located. We will finish the tour in the picturesque village of Bulnes.

This incredible trek is the best way to enjoy Picos de Europa, its staggering peaks and awe-inspiring geological contrasts.

NOTE: This itinerary can also be done based from a single hotel and doing day hikes. Contact us for more details.


  • Day 1: Puente Poncebos – Cares Route – Caín – Cordiñanes (D)
  • Day 2: Cordiñanes – Jermoso Col hut (BD)
  • Day 3: Jermoso Col hut – Hotel Refugio de Aliva (BD)
  • Day 4: Hotel Refugio de Aliva – Vega de Urriellu hut (BD)
  • Day 5: Vega de Urriellu hut – Bulnes – Puente Poncebos (B)


Day 1: Puente Poncebos – Cares Route – Caín – Cordiñanes (D)

Start of the trekking. There is nothing like starting our trip in one of the most famous routes in Picos de Europa: The Cares Route. It is a deep gorge with huge limestone walls eroded by the force of the river.

Distance: 13 km. Elevation gain +600 m. – 100 m descent. Time: 5 hours

Meals included: Dinner
Budget Accommodations: Mountain Hut/ Hiker’s Inn

Day 2: Cordiñanes – Jermoso Col hut (BD)

We will ascend through Canal de Asotín to reach Jermoso Col. The Friero Tower (2440 m) will accompany us in our ascent and the amazing views will compensate our effort.

Distance: 7 km. Elevation gain +1.200 m. – 50 m descent. Time: 5 hours

Meals included: Breakfast, Dinner
Budget Accommodations: Mountain Hut/ Hiker’s Inn

Day 3: Jermoso Col hut – Hotel Refugio de Aliva (BD)

We will move towards Colladinas, Llagu Cimero, south of Madejuno Tiro Llagu passing through Vega Liordes. We will flank the top of Fuente Dé to reach the southern Wall of Peña Olvidada and Peña Vieja.

Distance: 12 km. Elevation gain + 700 m. – 800 m descent. Time: 5 hours

Meals included: Breakfast, Dinner
Budget Accommodations: Mountain Hut/ Hiker’s Inn

Day 4: Hotel Refugio de Aliva – Vega de Urriellu hut (BD)

Leaving this landscape of Green pastures we will ascent towards Horcados Rojos to contemplate the rocky landscape, a desert of rocks, chasm and sumps which will guide us to Vega Urriellu. From this point we could see the west and north face of the Naranjo de Bulnes, and we could enjoy the good atmosphere of hikers and climbers that take place in this emblematic place. If there is snow in Horcajos Rojos we could decide to pass through a more accessible col.

Distance: 11 km. Elevation gain +800 m. – 500 m descent. Time: 5 hours

Meals included: Breakfast, Dinner
Budget Accommodations: Mountain Hut/ Hiker’s Inn

Day 5: Vega de Urriellu hut – Bulnes – Puente Poncebos (B)

​We will finish the route descending towards the village of Bulnes, which can only be reached by foot or by rail from Puente Poncebos. End of the trip.

Elevation gain + 50 m. – 1.300 m descent. Time: 5 hours

**Should arrive in Bulnes by 3PM-4PM.

Meals included: Breakfast

This trip combines amazingly well with the following Camino de Santiago itineraries:

Want to book your next Spain adventure? Contact us!

Your friendly Spain expert,


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Top 10 Off the Beaten Path “Bucket List” Adventures

Overcrowding at some of the world’s most iconic sites and destinations has become a fast growing issue over the past years. With this in mind, our team at AWR has put together our favorite ALTERNATIVE bucket list adventures: just as incredible and exciting and maybe even more so because odds are, you’ll have these spectacular places all to yourself!

1) 6-Day Best of the Huayhuash Trek (PERU)

Season: April-October

Starting Price: $995

With new access roads into what is considered the most spectacular mountain scenery of Peru, we have developed this trek into the heart of the mountain range. It offers a new opportunity for those who don’t have the time to do the longer, classic traditional route (14 days). A prerequisite however is to be well acclimatized since we gain altitude quickly!

Set departures for the group rate are on Saturdays, April through October. You may combine this with the 4-day Cordillera Blanca trek for a 10-day expedition. Or ask us for custom recommendations for the ultimate Cordillera Blanca experience!

2) 8- Day Remote Trails Aysen and Patagonia Park (CHILE)

Season: October-April

Starting Price: $3075

Chile’s beloved Nobel Prize winning-poet Pablo Neruda once said, “He who does not know the Chilean forests does not know the planet.” In addition to the vast old-growth forests, Northern Patagonia boasts glaciers, fjords, wild rivers, clear lakes, and waterfalls. The gateway to Chile’s far south, with the Carretera Austral (Southern Highway) winding its way through the region, Aisen is an area of incredible beauty and remoteness that people expect from Patagonia, but won’t find further south. With such wonders as the Futaleufu River, considered by rafters and kayakers to be South America’s absolute best, and areas of quiet wilderness, Northern Patagonia attracts both adventurous travelers and those in search of solitude.

3) 16- Day Annapurna Sanctuary Trek (NEPAL)

Season: February-May, September-December

Starting Price: $1695

This amazing trek in Nepal takes us into the beautiful realm of the Annapurna Base Camp. This pristine mountain box canyon is surrounded by some of the Himalayas most alluring peaks. On the Annapurna Sanctuary trek, not only do we experience the phenomenal mountain scenery but also a wonderful mix of local people and traditional villages along the way.

The Annapurna Himal lies between the Kali Gandaki and Marsyangdi river valley, forming an imposing bastion of high mountains. In its span of 40 miles, the range encompasses twelve peaks higher than 22,960ft (7000m) with numerous others well over 19,680ft (6000m). As rhododendron forests give way to bamboo groves, which in turn vanish into the high-desert landscapes, people of Aryan stock give way to those of Mongol stock and the predominant religion changes from Hinduism in the lower reaches to Buddhism in the higher regions.

Camino de Santiago
Camino de Santiago

4) 8- Day Camino de Santiago (Portuguese Coastal Route) Standard (SPAIN)

Season: March-November

Starting Price: $945

The Portuguese Coastal Way is an excellent alternative to the French Way. This stunning walk weaves along the coastline of Portugal into Spain, taking in some beautiful fishing towns and scenery. The seafood along the route is gorgeous with fresh produce served in most restaurants.

Spend time on the white sandy beaches of Northern Portugal and Southern Galicia and soak in the laid back atmosphere of maritime culture on this peaceful Camino way.

Meet fellow pilgrims, discover local traditions and get your pilgrim passport stamped as you walk through woodlands, farmland and rustic hamlets. Once in Santiago, get your “Compostela” certificate and explore the magic of the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Laguna Los Tres

5) 7- Day Los Glaciares National Park: Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre Trek (ARGENTINA)

Season: October-April

Starting Price: $1395

From north to south, trek to the basecamps of Mt. Fitz Roy & Cerro Torre, camping at each and trekking to Paso del Viento with views of the second largest icecap outside the polar regions! Trek, zipline and camp while you experience classic Argentine Patagonia landscapes – steep granite spires towering over vast glaciers, cerulean lakes, rivers and forests!

Nothing beats reaching the top of Africa

6) 6- Day Rongai Route (TANZANIA)

Season: December-March, September-October

Starting Price: $2045

The Rongai Route is one of the easiest routes and the success rate is very high.

The route starts on the north side of the mountain just south of the Kenyan border, and is one of the least traveled routes. The descent is down the Marangu Route on the south side of the mountain, so climbers see the mountain from many view points.

The drive to the trail head takes about 3 hours from Moshi through many villages and coffee plantations, including a stop to register climbing permits at Marangu.

The Rongai Route can also be accessed from Amboseli National Park in Kenya. Allow 2 hours including border crossing. We will need copies of passports ahead of time.

Los Nevados Trekking

7) 8-Day Los Nevados Trekking (COLOMBIA)

Season: All year

Starting Price: $1795

Enjoy an awesome mix of city, mountains, and rural coffee country on this custom, private trekking tour that you can start any day of the year.

The trek has a number of days at over 12,460 feet (3,800 meters) above sea level so we would consider it physically challenging (similar to the Inca Trail). Walking can be adapted, however, to suit a traveler’s needs and pace; that is, the distance and inclinations can be increased or decreased in difficulty based on a traveler’s needs.

Your baggage, food, and equipment will be carried by mules for the duration of the trek; you need only carry your daypack. A logistics manager, chef, and trek leader make up the trek team with additional helpers depending on group size. Camps will be made ready for when you arrive and the trek has been designed so you typically arrive for lunch, with the rest of the afternoon to relax and take part in further activities like optional day hikes.

3-season Marmot tents, warm Marmot sleeping bags, Thermarests, and sleeping bag liners are all provided for you along with lighting and a toilet tent.

Depending on a given location, food may be served either in a support structure or a mess tent. All meals on the trek are included, plus meals in remote locations, such as the flora and fauna sanctuary of Otun-Quimbaya.

For your city stays, you’ll stay in refined 3-star hotels with excellent service and ratings in both Bogota and Cartagena. These can easily be changed for 5-star options on request. In the cities, most meals are up to you, since there are so many choices to pick from, but we will help with transportation if necessary, so you can experience some fabulous local dining.

8) 3- Day Uyuni Glamping Luxury Lodge (BOLIVIA)

Season: Year round

Starting Price: $1975

Standing directly in the middle of the Uyuni Salt Flats, at an altitude of 3,600 m, at the foot of Tunupa Volcano, our luxury dome lodge is waiting for you. From a distance, the white pods, designed by Buckminsterfuller, look like a space station. The dome camp is complete with an observatory built for a passionate astrophysicist! Composed of repeated equilateral triangles, their metallic structure is the very essence of mathematical elegance. In front and on top of the domes, a transparent panel offers wide-open views of the Salar and its star-studded sky. Lit up at night, with solar panels placed in between the domes, they are one of the coolest, and most surrealist viewing stations ever seen in this arid region.

Each day at the lodge, choose your own adventure while exploring the surreal and overwhelmingly beautiful rooftop of the Americas!

Salta Trekking to the Clouds

9) 4- Day Northwest Argentina: Trekking to the Clouds (ARGENTINA)

Season: April-November

Starting Price: $590

This trek begins at the foot of Cerro El Golgota in Ingeniero Maury and ends four days later in Quebrada de San Lorenzo, right next to Salta city. Explore an old Inca trail amid landscapes of great contrasts. The first part of the tour takes place in a dry and arid climate. During the final segment we will enter the rainforests of Salta’s Yunga. Along the route, we will be in contact with nature and the culture of a special area of Salta.

Starting at the Quebrada del Toro, our first ascent will be surrounded by cardones (giant cacti) and will reveal the snowy peaks of Cerro San Miguel and Acay. The trail leads to the archaeological site of “Sillon del Inca” (Inca Seat), ruins that once belonged to the southern part of the Inca empire. We will continue the trip visiting the local inhabitants of the area, who work the fields and breed livestock over in villages over 3,000 meters high. Camp sites and dinners will be the time to share moments with the group and sometimes with locals when we camp near their homes at night.

10) 5- Day Luxury Rainbow Mountain Lodge to Lodge Trek (PERU)

Season: March-December

Starting Price: $1595

A five-day breathtaking trek in the Cordillera Vilcanota, on a route we call the “Camino Del Apu Ausangate”, the route to the sacred Rainbow Mountain. “Apus”, or “sacred mountains” in Quechua, are the bearers of life and the guardians of some of the most pristine alpine ecosystems in the world. Ausangate, the Rainbow Mountain, is, without a doubt, one of the most stunning peaks you will ever behold and the journey there is a trip of a lifetime.

On your trek you will be accompanied by llamas and horses that will carry our gear. These are owned by shepherds of the community of Chillca who are proud to share their land with us, as well as the spirit of their inspiring world. On our hike and in the unique “Tambos” or Andean Lodges, daily meals will be prepared by experienced chefs who will introduce you to a great variety of delicious Peruvian dishes and produce, and for your entertainment: authentic vernacular music, played by local inhabitants, will liven up some of our evenings at the cozy, candle-lit “tambos.”

Want to book your next adventure? Contact us!

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Top 5 Cordillera Blanca Day Hikes from Huaraz, Peru

Read on for our top day hikes in the Cordillera Blanca from Huaraz. These hikes are all excellent acclimatization options for taller peaks or amazing adventures in and of themselves!

1) Laguna 69:

The hike up to Laguna 69 is the perfect day trip for all mountain and nature lovers. As you make your way up, you are surrounded by stunning views of mountains, small waterfalls, creeks, and wandering animals. It takes about 3 hours to get to the lagoon and about 2 hours to return. Most people spend around an hour at the lagoon relaxing and enjoying a wonderful picnic. If you dare to take the plunge into the lagoon, warning: it is freezing cold! There are adventurous people who do it, but just remember for your walk back– it gets cold as the sun goes down!

2) Rajucolta Lake:

Full day hike to Laguna Rajucolta at the base of the incredibly stunning and glaciated Huantsan Peak. The valley looks like Switzerland, lined with massive granite walls and dotted with happy cows munching on tall, wild grass. On the way back, enjoy a beautiful and delicious picnic lunch.

3) Lake Churup:

This steep hike is an excellent one to do for quicker acclimatization. In the morning, drive up to the Lake Chulup trail head. After a steep 3 mile hike, past small huts that provide shade and excellent vistas of the valley, arrive at the secluded glacial lake. Enjoy a snack while taking in the views and then continue up to a final vista point before heading back down.

4) Wilcacocha Lake:

This is an easy trek suitable for hikers of all fitness levels, including those with little or no previous hiking experience. Lake Wilcacocha is located just 10 kilometres south-west of Huaraz, which makes it convenient for those not wishing to venture out too far from Huaraz.
Unlike the other treks which take you to lakes in the Cordillera Blanca region, the stunning Lake Wilcacocha is located in Cordillera Negra and offers one of the best views of the Cordillera Blanca mountain range. You are presented with seemingly endless views of the numerous snow-capped peaks that line the horizon, and you will then understand why Cordillera Blanca is also known as “the White Range” in Spanish.

5) Llanganuco Lakes and Refugio Pisco (one or two days):

Wake up early and drive 2.5 hours to Cebollapampa. On the way, pass through an epic canyon of granite walls and the two electric turquoise lakes of Llanganuco. Local lore says the lakes are the tears of the male and female mountains on either side who were forbidden to be together. Upon arrival at Cebollapampa, enjoy a beautiful picnic breakfast.

Then set out up into the mountains on the Pisco Mountain climbers’ trail towards Refugio Peru. Enojy continuous vistas of staggering, glaciated peaks many of them jutting up over 6000 meters.

Arrival at Refugio Peru: a picturesque oasis at the base of Pisco Mountain and several other massive mountains. Enjoy lunch in the cozy dining area and then scamper further up the morraine to get an even better view of Pisco.

In the evening you will be treated to 360 degrees of mountainous splendor lit up by the magical alpine glow. Watch in awe as the sky turns from orange to peach to pink to finally an opaque grey. Then the real show begins as the Milky Way marches across the sky. Back inside, enjoy hot showers and have a delicious dinner before curling up in your cozy bunks for the night.

Want to plan your next adventure to the Cordillera Blanca? Contact us!

Also, check out some of the treks we offer in this area here:

  1. 6-Day Best of the Huayhuash Trek
  2. 4-Day Cordillera Blanca Trek / Santa Cruz Loop

Don’t see what you want? Contact us for a custom itinerary.

Your friendly Peru expert,

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NEW VIDEO: Everest Base Camp Trek

Follow along with Landon from AWR as he completes the Everest Base Camp Trek and, more importantly, discovers the beauty and culture of Nepal.

The 17-day Everest Base Camp trek itinerary includes 13 days of trekking and 4 days in Kathmandu. After a cultural tour of Kathmandu, travelers will fly to Lukla and gaze upon the eternal snows of the Himalaya. The trek passes through the picturesque Sherpa village of Namche Bazaar and then continues through an enchanting landscape on the journey to Everest Base Camp. There will be plenty of time to enjoy the culture of the Sherpas and visit ancient monasteries as travelers admire the landscape and mountains. After the trek travelers will have time to discover Kathmandu and Nepalese culture.

All the lodges on the trek are the nicest available – 6 nights in Everest Summit Lodges and 6 nights in local lodges. On the luxury EBC trek, the lower altitude accommodations are mid-range to luxury, while up at high altitude, the accommodations are considered “standard” for high altitude regions in Nepal but Westerners would consider them closer to “budget.” The lodges in Dingboche and Pheriche have private toilet facilities but that cannot always be guaranteed since booking in advance does not work well here in this remote area. Lobuche and Gorak Shep lodges have shared (Western) toilet facilities only

For the ultimate in luxury, stay at the Dwarika’s Hotel or Hyatt in Kathmandu. For “luxury within reach,” you can stay at the 3-star Hotel Tibet in Kathmandu.

Want to plan your next Nepal adventure? Contact us!

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