Peru: Luxury Lodge Trek – Day 3 – Salkantay Pass

Today is the hardest day of the trek, and the highest point of Salkantay Pass at 15,090ft/4600mt. The hike is 4 miles up and 3.5 miles down.

Breakfast at 6 AM / Gather for departure at 7:00-7:15 AM.

The hike starts up the same road from the lodge as yesterday’s hike, but then heads to the right towards Salkantay instead of left. There is a mini-market not far from the lodge. It is very rocky — like a jeep road. There may be pack horses and mules passing by.

Long sleeve shirt and rain jacket and gloves, some people had hats and vests.

The first mile is gentle, the next .5 mile steeper, and next mile gentle again. At 2 miles, there’s a beautiful meadow with streams for a resting spot. Next 1 mile up the hill with switchbacks near beautiful stream.

Amazing views at the pass!

On the other side, there are the remnants of a huge and amazing mud slide creating a bizarre moonscape. Some of the trail is very loose rock and dirt. Some areas have beautiful hillsides of short grass and flowers and rocks with lichen in line last half a mile through the mudslide area which is wider and less steep. At 1pm, the fog moved in.

It was much more windy on this side. We saw a Chinchilla and 2 pairs of condors.

Mountains in the area:

  • Tukarway
  • Humantay 
  • Salkantay


  • Corn soup with favo beans and cheese
  • Chicken with veggie fired rice


  • Pizza
  • Popcorn


  • Leek soup
  • Beef and sauce
  • Scalloped potatoes
  • Sautéed vegetables
  • Lemon pie

Wayra Lodge

  • Hot tub and outdoor courtyard in center of building
  • Six rooms
  • Very cozy
  • Amazing views of Humantay Mountain and the valley below and a little bit of Salkantay Mountain

More on the Luxury Lodge Trek:

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