Peru: Luxury Lodge Trek – Day 5 – Hike to Lucma Lodge

Today included a fun visit to a family coffee farm! The normal trail under repair so hike on road after waterfall ridge. The typical trail follows left side of the river cutting across the hill slide through the jungle.


  • Electricity at 6
  • Breakfast at 7
  • Leave at 8:30
  • 6.5 miles 3.5 hours / 9000-7000 feet
  • 12:30 car to trail to lodge (another .5 miles along an Inca trail)
  • Lunch at 2pm at the lodge (or sometimes outside at the end of the trail)
  • Dinner at 7 PM

From the lodge, we hiked down to river and then up the other side to the trail. We first hiked on a dirt road with a gentle downhill. We came across a woman who was weaving and selling her handmade products, which was a fun stop.

At 4 miles 10:50am, we stopped at a snack bar along the road (flush toilets extremely clean and with amazing flowers).

I started with a long sleeve shirt, then to short sleeves, then back to long again with rain jacket. I actually wished I had gloves and one more layer….

Fun sights today were the Granadilla fruits – Like passion fruit and grows as a vine. There were also plentiful avocados as big as I have ever seen.

Coffee experience at family farm

  • Coffee liqueur 
  • Roast coffee over fire
  • Grind in grinder
  • Pour in pots to drip
  • Drink, add water and liqueur 
  • Buy coffee beans and liqueur 

Lukma Lodge

All night electricity 


  • Peruvian salad of carrots, fava beans, big corn, tomatoes, onions, cheese
  • Traditional Sliced beef with tomatoes onions carrots rice and fries
  • Fruit compote


  • Chicken noodle soup
  • Pork with sauce
  • Veggies and mashed sweet potatoes

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