7 Differences Between Switzerland and Tanzania

I don’t know that many people would think that Switzerland and Tanzania are much alike, but here are some fun contrasts!


  • Swiss AlpsSwitzerland:       Cool to cold temperatures depending on elevation and season.
  • Tanzania:            Hot, hot, hot except at night when it is just hot.


  • Switzerland:       Pizza $25
  • Tanzania:            Pizza $10
  • Why are we eating pizza in Switzerland and Tanzania anyway?!


  • Switzerland:       Mountain chalets
  • Tanzania:            Cement block buildings and mud huts


  • Maasai on safari in TanzaniaSwitzerland:       Cows with bells and sheepherders
  • Tanzania:            Cows with bells and Maasai boys


  • Switzerland:       The 8:31am train leaves at 8:31am.
  • Tanzania:            8:31am means Tuesday or Wednesday.  Hakuna matata!


  • Switzerland:       Local wine with every meal.  How cool is that?!
  • Tanzania:            Kilimanjaro or Tusker Beer with every meal.  How cool is that?!


  • Switzerland:       Gondolas count as public transportation.
  • Tanzania:            Motorcycles are used as taxis and can fit 3.
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