NEW TRIP– 3-Day Tierra del Fuego: Trekking at the End of the World

The National Park of Tierra del Fuego is in the heart of the rugged wilderness that comprises the land of fire at the end of the world. Join us on our newest adventure, Tierra del Fuego: Trekking at the End of the World!

Explore this extreme remote area of the Andes just outside of Argentina’s southern most city: Ushuaia. Valleys, lagoons, streams, prairies, cliffs, peaks, mountains, birds, guanacos, fox and numerous other species add to this amazingly pristine and unique landscape.

Explore, breathe and feel, step by step, the rhythm and heart of Tierra del Fuego along the trail to Laguna del Caminante, at Laguna Superior and at each campsite surrounded by lush, green woods, rolling hills and snowcapped peaks.

Tierra del Fuego

DAY 1: Ushuaia to Laguna del Caminante

Visiting: Tierra del Fuego

This 3 day journey starts at the hotel with a short drive that will take you to the place where the trekking begins in the glacial Andorra Valley. The fueguian forest will show you its humidity, the beech trees give protection, show fertility and fragility of this ecosystem besides of giving amazingly beautiful life to this remote area. Some prairies aside the meandering river, the ‘peat mattresses’  that splashes forest in the open valley, some trunks gnawed down by beavers crossing the path, some muddy and some rocky portions of the trail will add variety to the walk. Ascension to Laguna del Caminante will be traversing the southern hillside sub-antartic forest, a wonderful hillside prairie and finally descending to the lagoon for the 2-night stay in this wonderful place. Overnight in tents. Walking distance 12,5 km; 552 m in ascension; 194 in descending; highest point 643 m.

  • Meals: LD
  • Budget Lodging: Camping

Day 1

DAY 2: Laguna del Caminante & Mt. Falso Tonelli

Visiting: Tierra del Fuego

Today we continue on the Superior Valley, which yields yet another spectacular view of the southernmost Andes. We arrive at Laguna Superior and have the possibility to walk up beside the Superior Glacier. Vibrant green vegetation and a wide variety of varying landscapes will make this journey unforgettable. If weather allows, we will ascend to Mt. Falso Tonelli -also called Mount Robert- giving us a stunning 360 degree view. We return to camp along the same trail. Finally, as the sun sinks below the proud peaks of the world’s end, we share today’s experiences and highlights with each other on the shores of the deep blue mountain lake while cooking dinner over the fire. Overnight in tents. Walking distance 14 km; highest point 1079 m.

  • Meals: BLD
  • Budget Lodging: Camping

Day 2

DAY 3: Laguna del Caminante – Ushuaia

Visiting: Tierra del Fuego

Today we depart on the final segment of our trek- brimming with new highlights around every corner. Before entering into the forest again, the trail brings us west to the Paso de la Oveja (Sheep Pass), today’s highest ascension point. A long glacial valley will greet us with outstretching, panoramic views. We descend through Sheep Canyon in the direction of Ushuaia, once again traversing the fueguian forest. Arrival back in Ushuaia will be at around 4 pm. 15 km.

  • Meals: BL

Day 3

Starting price per person (based on double occupancy): $640 per person

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