Best Peru Family Adventures

Come explore Peru with your family on one of our uniquely crafted tours, designed with your kids in mind! Our family-designed tours are based on our own experiences traveling with our own kids to Peru and around the world. We choose routes that maximize time in the field, in sight of ancient Incan ruins, ziplining and biking while minimizing time on the road.

Peru family adventure

Ziplining near Machu Picchu

We take care of all the planning while you deepen your appreciation for nature, culture and adventure in Peru. All tours are escorted by private local naturalist bilingual guides who also do the driving so you can sit back and enjoy the cloud forest, alpacas and llamas!

Want to bring a babysitter along? Grandma? Your sister and her kids? Peru is excellent for multi-generational travel and small groups.

Biking Peru Family

Biking in the Sacred Valley for all ages

Depending on the ages and skill levels of family members, we can always add in more high paced activities such as whitewater rafting, longer treks, ziplining, horseback riding, overnights in sky capsules or in tree houses, standup paddling, kayaking and more!

Kayaking Peru Family

Kayaking in the Sacred Valley

Three of our very best multi-generational itineraries are:

1) 7-Day Machu Picchu by Train

This itinerary is highly flexible and can be tailored to best fit your family’s specific interests and needs. For multi-generational groups, we can offer a couple different activity options each day so everyone can enjoy what Peru has to offer while remaining in their own appropriate comfort zones. Add on extra time after Machu Picchu and spend the night in Tree Houses. At night, kids design and cook their own pizzas from scratch while the family enjoys around the camp fire. In the morning, rise early and do as the monkeys do- follow an epic (and safe) set of zip lines through the cloud forest!  For brave at heart, add on a night in your very own Sky Capsule and spend the night hanging from a cliff above the Scared Valley!

Peru Family Zipline

Champions of the trees getting ready for action!

2) 5-Day Luxury Lodge to Lodge Lares Trek

Choose your own adventure on this adventurous trek that successfully balances exhilarating activities with meaningful cultural experiences. This lodge to lodge experience is wonderful for multi-generational families or for families with varying interests. Each day all travelers will have the chance to choose from easy, moderate and more challenging excursions. Everyone gets to decide on the spot what they want to do depending on how they are feeling; no one has to make any choices before the trip (all activities are included in the pricing).

Family Peru Lares

Learning about ancient Inca traditions

Family Peru Lares

Culture and physical activity are equally balanced on the Lares Trek

3) 3-Day Amazon Rainforest

Head to the Peruvian Amazon with the family and climb in the towering canopy amongst howler monkeys, sloths, and colorful macaws! Our favorite lodges for families are Reserva Amazonica and its sister lodge Hacienda Concepcion. At the lodges, guests have a whole excursion menu to choose from every day (all excursions are included in the rate). Pick and choose what best reflects your interests and do what you feel like doing each day to make the most of your time while in the Amazon.

Peru Family Amazon

Hacienda Concepcion Lodge, Amazon

Peru Family Amazon

Experience the Amazon canopy up close

Want to design your next family Peru vacation? Contact us!

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