Truly Sustainable Adventures in South America

This weekend we would like to highlight our some of our best sustainable tourism adventure options in South America!

Hiking and Camping in Argentina

Hiking is a growing trend for independent travelers in search of a personal challenge and a closer contact with nature. It also implies a conscious decision on behalf of the hiker to adopt a simpler, less cluttered approach while spending time outdoors. Hiking experiences prove that we don’t need that much stuff to be happy and satisfied. Check out these low-impact hikes in Argentina:

Tierra del Fuego

Tierra del Fuego Trekking

Colombia Multisport Adventure

Follow the famous legend of El Dorado, while experiencing the best of Colombia in superb active style. Discover the multiple facets of a country filled with nature, adventure and the passion of its people in an absolute environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. A complete active experience that explores the rich Andean highlands, perfectly preserved colonial cities, cloud forests, pristine Caribbean beaches, rich rainforest and a 5th century lost stone city.


Colombia Multisport Adventure

Brazil Sustainable Trekking

Where there used to be coffee, diamonds, and agriculture, today stands Chapada Diamantina National Park where several small communities live. Today these local inhabitants live off of tourism, hosting hikers from many countries. It is a win-win situation where the families have a better income, improving their lives and the hikers have a better overnight and deeper, more meaningful, cultural experience. Check out our Chapada Diamantina trekking adventure:


Trekking in Chapada Diamantina

Patagonia: EcoCamp Flexible Safari

Explore the wonders of Torres del Paine National Park, experiencing its stunning scenery and diverse flora and fauna, all with the knowledge that you are giving back to the environment by staying at EcoCamp Patagonia, the first fully sustainable, geodesic dome hotel in the world. Go on day hikes, boat rides, cycling, nature walks, and much more, with evenings spent in EcoCamp’s eco-friendly domes, enjoying local food and drink, and partaking of an authentic, sustainable Patagonia experience. Check out all of our adventure options including EcoCamp:

Torres del Paine

EcoCamp in Torres del Paine

Community-based Tourism in the Brazilian Amazon

Have you ever imagined savoring the delights of Amazonian cuisine? On this journey we will explore the profound secrets and tantalizing spices of this unique region that has yet to be discovered by the world. Belém and Cotijuba Island await you for an immersion into the multi-sensorial universe of the Amazon, where we will not only taste the abundance of its gastronomic diversity but also take part in numerous hands-on experiences together with the people of the local community!


Cotijuba Island Community Guesthouse Beach

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