Feeling Like Inca Royalty in Peru!

This couple just returned from a 3-week anniversary trip to Peru where they explored Cusco, the Sacred Valley and completed the Luxury Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu! Read on to hear about more of their experiences.

Salkantay Luxury Lodge to Lodge Trek

I wanted to get back with you and share the wonderful details about our trip and things that might be helpful to you and your future clients.

We were so grateful to be met at the Lima airport! We did not know that we had to claim our bags in Lima. United Airlines told us our bags were checked thru to Cusco so when we landed we went thru customs and then just walked on out to look for our transfer agent. There were a ton of people holding signs. It was really great that your crew had the AWR sign. It really made them easy to spot. Our transfer agent Sam was great! Since we did not claim our bags it created a problem. Sam was very patient and made arrangements for us to go back through security to get our luggage. If he had not been there it would have been a disaster. We then collected our bags and headed over to the hotel where he helped us get our room. Costa del Sol worked out beautifully, transfer agents were wonderful and very helpful, especially getting us settled for our adventure.

Next morning walked over foot bridge to the airport, which was super convenient! Rechecked our bags to Cusco. Costa del Sol was super clean and nice staff.

La Casona, Cusco

Landed in Cusco, at the baggage claim a porter came up to me and asked if I was Andrea, I said, yes, not sure how he identified me but it was great. He helped us with our luggage and handed me some colorful tassels to attach to the bags, upon existing we met Kenny, Frank and our driver Aderley. They were fantastic!!!! Once we got to the van they served us hot Coca tea and cookies! What a wonderful greeting!!!! We then headed to our hotel, La Casona which we LOVED! Our transfer agents helped with the check in at the hotel. Before leaving Kenny went over our itinerary and gave us his phone number in case we needed to reach him during our stay. The hotel was exactly what we wanted small, intimate, and the service levels were exceptional! We also loved the location of the hotel.

Next couple of days we were with our driver Aderley and our guide Nepteli. First day he took us to the Sun Temple, Cathedral, Sacsayhuaman and around town.

Second day, Aderley and Nepteli again. Loved having the same driver during our trip. We went to Chinchero, one of my favorite towns, loved the church and square. Then we went to Moray. Nepteli told us we were going to have a picnic lunch but to our surprise there was a tent set up in a field overlooking a beautiful valley. Upon entering the tent there was a table covered with beautiful linens. A private chef, complete with a chef hat greeted us and began preparing our delicious 4 course lunch. This is one of my favorite memories. We then headed to Maras. This was also one of our favorite places we visited.

First Lodge of Salkantay Trek

We met our hiking group at the Mercado Hotel, which looked like a cool place to stay. Met our guides. Next morning we were picked up by Mountain Lodges of Peru. Started our trek. They did a great job. We loved the entire journey to Machu Picchu. Loved the hotel in Agua Calientes, Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel.

Trekking to Machu Picchu

The transfer from Ollantaytambo train station to Hacienda Urubamba went smoothly. Once again we were met at the train station by our original driver Aderley and Kenny 🙂 We were concerned about our bags that we left at La Casona would make it to our new location but our guide with MLP was working to make the transfer of our bags work smoothly. There was some confusion on who would transfer the bags, either MLP or our transfer agents. We gave our guide Kenny’s phone number for him to call to make arrangements between the two companies. All went smoothly.

Salkantay Mountain in the Distance

We LOVED Haicienda Urubamba! Great place to stay after Machu Picchu. It seems most people stay there on the way to Machu Picchu. The hotel was gorgeous and we were happy for the luxury and rest it provided! The hotel staff and hospitality were exceptional. We visited Pisac and Chinchero again from that location. We also went fly fishing with Peru Anglers. They are great guys! We fished a high mountain lake in Calca Canyon. Got to see the local mountain people. The fishing guides are working with different villages to create a new source of income for the local people by introducing fly fishing to Peru. It was a wonderful experience. They are a new company. It might be nice to get to know them. They are Peruvian and their heart is in the right place.

Machu Picchu

Upon leaving, we were picked up by Kenny and a new driver. They dropped us at the Cusco airport BUT Kenny also got a porter to handle our luggage, he also got our boarding passes, also stood in line with us to check our bags, then walked us to the security check in!!! The service level was unbelievable! My husband was floored about how well we were taken care of. Kenny gave us big hugs and said goodbye!

Hacienda Urubamba, Sacred Valley

I want to tell you how fantastically you connected all of the dots! We felt like a king and queen the way we were treated. Kudos to all of you! We will definitely share our experience with friends and definitely book with you again.

Hacienda Urubamba, Sacred Valley

Thank you for a very memorable and special vacation!!!!


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