Bahian Magic at UXUA: Trancoso, Brazil

Our own South America Program Director and Brazil expert, Gretchen, just returned from a family dream holiday at the incredible UXUA hotel in Trancoso, Brazil. Read on as she describes her experience at UXUA and exploring Trancoso.


Trancoso Beach with Uxua

Authenticity is the greatest luxury a visit to Brazil’s picturesque and historic Bahia state can offer. And no place delivers the experience like Trancoso’s Quadrado, its car-free, UNESCO-protected town square.


Traditional fishing boats off shore

Welcome to the luxurious UXUA Hotel! Located in Trancoso, Bahia, it is the perfect place to celebrate the end to an adventure in Brazil with family and friends! Trancoso was isolated for centuries before its rediscovery by hippies and artists in the 1970’s. The culture is unique and people one-of-a-kind.


Uxua Ze e Zilda Casa

At UXUA (pronounced OO-SH-WAH), they break the mold of conventional hotel rooms by offering traditional houses as accommodations along the famous Quadrado. Half of UXUA’s casas date back 500 years to the village’s founding. They were restored by designer Wilbert Das in collaboration with local artisans using traditional techniques and reclaimed materials. Each of these casas have a soul, each with legends and family history; every detail uniquely crafted by caring hands.


Uxua Beach Bar

Trancoso’s beach is second to none and UXUA does everything perfectly to contribute to their guests’ experience. They restored an old fisherman bar, and still serve from an antique wooden boat topped by a thatched roof; low impact, sustainable, and delightful. They offer Bahian cuisine and innovative tropical cocktails, all with UXUA standards. Surf, sea kayaking, beach volleyball and wooden gym are all at Trancoso’s most central beach just steps from the Historic Quadrado.


Gretchen and her family enjoying an afternoon drink at Uxua’s Restaurant on the Quadrado

Finally, the culinary experience at UXUA and within Trancoso are absolutely incredible! With Bahia’s rich culinary heritage mixing African, native American, and Portuguese influences, it’s no surprise that the food scene is dynamic, and every aspect is celebrated from the most innovative restaurant to the goodness of home cooking and simple, traditional street food. Read more about UXUA’s culinary experiences and history HERE.

Trancoso Beach

Surf’s Up at Uxua !

Want to add UXUA and Trancoso on to your next Brazil holiday? Contact us!

Uxua Trancoso

Greetings from Gretchen!

Your friendly Brazil expert,


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