7 Hikes You Can’t Miss Near Santiago, Chile PART 2

Continuing on from our last post, here are the final of our top favorite, can’t-miss hikes to do around Santiago, Chile!

7 Hikes You Can’t Miss Near Santiago, Chile PART 1:
1) Aguas de Ramon
2) Mirador de Los Condores
3) Cerro Manquehue
4) La Campana National Park

7 Hikes You Can’t Miss Near Santiago, Chile PART 2:
5) Cascada De Las Animas
6) El Morado National Monument
7) Cerro Pintor

5) Cascada De Las Animas

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Length: 1.5 hours roundtrip
  • Location: Cajon de Maipo

Nestled in the Cajon de Maipo, is 3,600 hectares of beautiful land and nature. This nature sanctuary is just an hour or two from Santiago and offers fun adventure activities, as well as cozy accommodation. For hikers, there is a family-friendly trail that leads to three breathtaking waterfalls.

The hike cost 7,000 CLP and is led by an expert guide. Your guide will share some history and information about the area. Additionally, visitors will pass by the Refugio Animal Cascada and might be lucky enough to spot a puma! This Refugio is an animal sanctuary that has rehabilitation programs for native fauna and education opportunities.

6) El Morado National Monument

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Length: 5 hours roundtrip
  • Location: Cajon de Maipo

Another fantastic hike near Santiago is at El Morado National Park. It’s an opportunity to see one of the region’s most beloved glaciers! Hike in the midst of the Andes, traveling through rocky terrain and amongst blooming wildflowers. The grand prize is a stunning view of San Francisco Glacier and lagoon — it makes a great stop for lunch!

After completing the full 5-hour journey, you can stop by the hot springs to sooth your muscles. Cascada Expediciones offers a fantastic all-day excursion to visit the glacier and the hot springs.

7) Cerro Pintor

  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Length: 8 hours roundtrip
  • Location: Santiago (surrounding areas)

Cerro Pintor is a fantastic day trip for experienced hikers that are up for a challenge! The trail goes up a very steep hill and reaches an altitude of 4,200 meters above sea level! Not to mention, the hike takes a full day to complete.

Cerro Pintor sits closeby a popular ski center in the Andes and offers some spectacular views of the surrounding area. Due to the route’s high altitude, it is recommended to stay well hydrated before and during the hike. Hikers should drink at least three liters of water per day for at least a week prior to the excursion. Additionally, everyone must come prepared with proper boots, layered clothing and hiking poles. Crampons should be used if snow or ice is present.

Want to add some of these hikes on to your next Chile Adventure contact us!

Stay tuned for the rest of the list of hikes around Santiago next week!

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