Choosing The Right Inca Trail Trek Option For You

We asked our Peru experts, who have done the 5-day, 4-day and 2-day Inca Trail Trek options, which one(s) they liked best. The resounding answer was the 5-day (2-day was in second place). Read on to see why.

Our experts say, the 5 and 2-day are definitely best (though if you have the time and stamina, the 5 is in first place!) in comparison to the 4-day. The 5-day is designed in a way where you are NOT walking on the trail when most other tour companies are on the trail. Also, the last day does not feel like such an exhausting rush.

In the 4-day, on your final day of trekking, you have to wake up at 3AM and, in the dark, wait in line along the trail to get through the gate to the main Machu Picchu sanctuary. You don’t get to SEE the trail that day because you are walking in the dark. You get to Machu Picchu at sunrise and then you have the tour of the city when you are feeling very gritty and tired.

On the 5-day: you wake up on your fourth morning at a regular time and enjoy the day. You don’t have to wait in line to get into the sanctuary. You arrive at Machu Picchu through the Sun gate in the afternoon when almost no one is there and then you get to walk down through Machu Picchu (get a first taste) and then continue to Aguas Calientes where you have a hotel room waiting for you with a hot shower and fresh clothes. You get to rest that night and then, when you’re feeling fresh, you get to go back up to Machu picchu on day 5 to have the tour that day (and, if you’re ambitious, you can add Hauyna Picchu peak that day too). The 2-day Inca Trail is the same as the last two days of the 5-day Inca Trail option.

To summarize, we like the 5 and 2-day options as you are not rushed, you are not with so many crowds and you get the maximum amount of time in Machu Picchu.

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